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The Furry Federation

Welcome to the Official Wiki of the Furry Federation! The Furry Federation is home to a diverse collection of peoples and nations. The federation was founded under the premiss of common defense of all members from out side aggressors and to provide a public forum for the bringing together of various nations to engage our common interests and to work out our differences peacefully.

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Out of Character Introduction

The Furry Federation is a role playing universe based off the game NationStates. It developed out of the interests of several players of the region 'Furry' to be free from raiders and developed into a long running Role Playing community. Each player takes the role of nation and all its people, military, operatives, diplomats, economic wizards, street urchins, artificial intelligences, and TV personalities in order to tell an interesting series of community stories.

The Furry Federation supports various technological levels, societies, cultures, species, origins, and themes as far as role playing goes. There are utopias and dystopias. Wars and drawn out diplomatic talks. Spy games and card games. Any and all types of Role Playing are welcome. The only restriction being both here and on the other media pages for the Furry Federation (most notably the forum) a maximum PG-13 rating is enforced. So no explicit sexual content or imagery is allowed and overly graphic violence is also discouraged though violence and adult situations do occur. If you have questions over weather content is at the edge of this rule, contact a moderator or admin.

Izixs created this wiki for the purpose of creating a general repository of all information about the Furry Federation in a format that is more accessible than posts on a message board. Though it will not replace the Who's Who section entirely, it will allow for more dynamic media and content that the forum allows. However, all in character interactions shall occur on the forum. The wiki is for informational purposes only.

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