Alphabet Of Brooke Shields

"You, you'll be a 'U'. And I… I'll be an 'I'. Because we, we can be letters. We all be letters, in the Alphabet of Brooke Shields."
The Provincial Anthem, sung to the tune of David Bowie's "Heroes"


Alphabet of Brooke Shields is a major municipal province of Gallego II.
Situated 7 miles inland from the south coast of Continent #2, near the Cheese Sea.
Alphabet of Brooke Shields is a part of the Alphabet-Gay Brezhnev metropolitan statistical area which has a total population of around 2 million.


Species Population
Gomi 1,234,082
Coronan 260,000
Castorian 102,000
Spondylan 20,000
Organic Canine 204
Organic Feline 23
Other Organic Species 17

Surrounding Area

Cheese Coast and Plastic Beach

Cheese Coast is the main port of the Alphabet-Gay Brezhnev metropolitan statistical area, while Plastic Beach is the main stretch of beach-head. It should be noted that "Plastic Beach" is an extremely common name given to beaches all over Gallego II.


Like most beaches on the planet, which as a whole, has been used as a cosmic
landfill for several millenia, Plastic Beach is literally mostly made of mounds
and piles of plastic.

Gay Brezhnev

Gay Brezhnev is a municipality slightly smaller than Alphabet of Brooke Shields. They share the same utilities and are administered by the same provincial government.


The city's name is derived from the interpretation of a grafittied piece
of a concrete wall which was deposited in that spot when it was used
as a landfill by other civilizations.

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