The Military is divided up into TEN sectors. Which follow as:

Warrant Officer corps - This division acts as a policing unit for the entire body of The Unity. Warrant officers are known to appear throughout The Unity in every shape, size, form, and division. They act as the watchdogs and guard dogs to the laws of The Unity, and keeps Internal Order in check. They report directly to The Party over sensitive manners.

The Corps - General foot soldiers of The Armed Forces. These are the backbone and most commonly seen soldier in TUS ranks. They are usually the wearers of the Black uniforms/gears and vary in jobs from as simple as Infantryman/woman, to as high up as Demolitions Expert or Saboteur.

S.A.D.A.R. - Marine Corps. No other information is known other than the presence of White(or grey) uniforms/gears.

Air Brigade - Airforce and Navy of The Unity, they are the ones that control anything from the fast landing craft that drops soldiers into combat, to as large as the gigantic, near 1000 meter long Dreadnoughts that are seen floating in the skies above the occupied cities. Currently no bigger than Sky Corvettes and Frigates, as well as Aerodynes.

Armor Division - If it's a tank, or any other ground vehicle, it is probably owned by this Division. They are responsible for - as their name suggests - all armor support for other forces on the ground.

Star Forces - Off world and orbital defense forces. Currently Discombobulated.

Elite Guard - Handpicked by The Party members, and the most deadly soldiers in the world. No one has ever encountered these soldiers in combat and lived to tell the tale. Their nickname is The Crusaders. It is rumored they have the ability to create pockets of psuedo-reality in order to gain a highly unfair advantage in combat over the enemy.

Information Bureau - Intelligence Division, which handles all interrogations of enemy agents, anti-terrorism activities within the boarders of The Unity, and Anti-Espionage tactics to keep FOREIGN powers from spying upon operations within their national boundaries. Historical records have shown that they have acted ruthlessly and effectively at their job, going as far as killing an entire clan of Wolves to keep the most guarded secrets from escaping to the world.

Citizen Preservation and Support Bureau (CPASB) - Not an ARMED sector of The Unity, even though some members do carry PDW's and Pistols for their own defense on the job. These people are Teachers, Political Engineers, Social workers, Scientists and so on and so forth. These people are also responsible for supporting events like the Olympics, and World Cup Soccer within the boarders of Unity.

The Cossacks - An independent rebel group that operates as a foreign legion to Aluez. It is fairly new and no information is available to the international community at this time.



Anglic - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Arabi, and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: English.)

Arabi - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Anglic, and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: Arabic.)

Avestan - An incredibly rare language spoken among small groups of highly religious purebreds. (Real world equivalent: Avestan is a language used purely for Zoroastrian scripture, but is otherwise a dead language.)

Baronh - Written Word in all of Unity, no matter the language.

Cree - A rare language spoken in Einheit. originating from native Nightlanders. Also called Cree-alsa. (Real world equivalent: Algonquin.)

Espano - A common language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Spanish and Portuguese.)

Gaulic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also (rarely) called Fronsai. (Real world equivalent: French.)

Germanic - One of Unity's main languages, next to Anglic, Arabi and Yamato. (Real world equivalent: German.)

Hebraic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Can be considered a dialect of Arabi in some circles. (Real world equivalent: Hebrew.)

Italo - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Spoken mainly by the Fede felines. (Real world equivalent: Italian.)

Kilinora - An uncommon language spoken in Unity. Spoken mostly by citizens of the former Republic of Kilinora (Real world equivalent: Korean)

Norskr - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Norski, Nordic, or Norsk. The language of the bear-colony of Korvulgr, as well as the cervine gang known as the Skullhammers. (Real world equivalent: A blend of Old Norse and Norwegian.)

Romi - A rare language spoken in the Unity. Also called Romani. The Rromo, a tiny nomadic group of many different species, are the only major speakers of Romi. (Real world equivalent: Romani.)

Sanskri - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Hind. (Real world equivalent: A blend of Sanskrit, Hindi, and other Indian languages.)

Sinitic - A common language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Chinese.)

Slavic - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. Also called Russo. The Slavic dialect of the Kossacks is called Kossack. (Real world equivalent: a blend of the Slavic languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Czech.)

Suomi - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Finnish.)

Svenska - An uncommon language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Swedish.)

Tagal - A rare language spoken in the Unity. (Real world equivalent: Tagalog.)

Yamato - One of Unity's main languages, next to Germanic, Arabi, and Anglic. (Real world equivalent: Japanese.)




1 - What is the legal drinking age?

2 - Driving age?

3 - Age of sexual consent?
16 for straight couples
18 for homosexual couples

4 - Voting age/reqs?
14, must be a citizen for 3 years

5 - At what age would someone become an adult (free from parental control)?
Minimal age for a peson to leave home is 12

6 - What types of recreational drugs (if any) are legal?

- Weed - Outlawed with the threat of fines and imprisonment in Aluez. Legal in Tyr

- Tobacco - Allowed, but discouraged due to health hazards in Aluez. Outlawed in Tyr

- Cocaine - Outlawed with the threat of fines and imprisonment in Aluez and Tyr

- Alcohol - Allowed, but discouraged due to health hazards in Aluez and Tyr

- LSD - Outlawed with the threat of fines and imprisonment. Legal in Tyr

- Caffeine - Allowed, but discouraged due to health hazards in Aluez and Tyr

- Heroin - Outlawed with the threat of fines and imprisonment in Aluez and Tyr

- Other(please specify) -

Cardamine- Outlawed and those caught growing the drug are immediately killed, those that possess are imprisoned for life due to the severe genetic modifcation the plant and chemicals within causes for all species. Only cardamine grown is under Government control for weapon use.

Kittynap - Allowed, but controlled due to it's risk of addiction

7 - Can people have guns?
Yes, with permit, those that do not have a permit are arrested and can face up to 7 years in prison

8 - What is the official full name of your country?
The Soviet Unitarian Republic of Aluez

9 - Do you have the death penalty?
In cases that require it, yes

10 - What is the speed limit?
Varies between 5 to 150 MPH

11 - What types of religions would are permitted or restricted?
All religion is outlawed for it is viewed as a mental disease, and those that believe in it are frowned upon and could face rehabilitation in extreme cases

Which of the following are legal:

12- Porn -
18+ only, anything under this age limit with species of ANY kind is considered illegal, and those that possess it are facing 25,000 credit fines, 4 years in prison and rehabilitation to prevent them from re-offending.

Makers of such materials are prisoned for 10 years, repeat offenses are dealt with case by case, but are not limited to: public execution, life imprisonment, 500 MILLION credit fines, and removing them from the gene pool (spay/neuter).

13-Prostitution -
State Sponsored Only

14-Polygamy/ Polyandry/ Polyamory -
Very annoying, discouraged, and in major cases, those that are at fault are fined 7500 credits, and jailed for two years

15-Homosexuality -
Frowned upon, but allowed

16-Stem cell research -

17-Human Cloning -

18-Cock Fighting or other animal fighting?
Viewed as abuse to animals, and any that are caught doing so are jailed up to 3 years, and are re-educated to prevent repeats.

Allowed for Criminals and POW's, otherwise outlawed in all forms.

Allowed in cases of animals that are 'not at risk' or in cases of pest control


22-Eating meat?
All but senteint (I.E. Human) is allowed

Faces 500 credit fine, and/or 9 months in jail

24-Unisex bathrooms?
Allowed, but security is enforced to prevent incidents

Any that attempt are fined up to 9000 credits, and face 5 months in prison, with theraphy.

26 - Gay marriage?
Partnerships of sort is allowed, but marriage is not

Rape, Incest, and otherwise 'emergency' situations are allowed, just to get rid of the child is not.

28- What types of sexual activity (if any) are illegal ?
Unprotected Incest
Sexual activity with individuals of unsound genetic/mental/health status
Plant on Sentient
Any sexual contact to where there is a gap of age between ten years of the individuals

29-Is your country's/culture clothing optional or mandatory?
Optional, some areas are too hot for clothes at all (which are restricted to minors)

30-Do you have obscenity laws?
No, but they are frowned upon if overused

31-What system do you have for taxes?
Taxes are paid once a year, and are based upon income of the individual, and the person has until the end of the Tax month to pay, or face imprisonment for tax evasion.

31-Sales tax?
1 percent added to original price

31-Import/Export tax?
25 percent for import
30 percent for export

32-What is the criterion for someone to pass to become a citizen?
Must not be a criminal
Must speak the official language of the nation
Must not have commited any crimes in the country or in any other country
Must live in the country for a year
Must Speak at least one of the official languages of the country
Must understand the laws clearly, and abide by them
Must respect the cultures and traditions of Unity, and must know that the country is a Unity of all peoples, not just one

33-What types of people do you allow (or not allow) into your country?
All are welcome as long as they do not cause trouble and abide by our laws

34-What type of government are you?
Social Democracy

35-To what degree is your government allowed to censor or restrict the media?
All depends on the situation

36-Aside from laws - what sort of unofficial (and unenforced) cultural rules and traditions do you have?
*will add these later*


The Credit comes in two forms: Digital (most common), and Physical (Semi-Common, Alternative)

Diamond: Rare, comes in 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 75000
Goldien: Common, comes in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900
Silven: Common, comes in 50, 100
Bronzite: Common, comes in 1/4, 1/2, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Foreign Accepted:

Aatuylvan Ruils: 1/4 the value of a Credit per type

Tourist Information

Points of Interest

Aluez Crash Site - The beginning of Aluez, and the ship they arrived on, as well as the centerpiece of the nation itself. The ship is said to still function, but many doubt it will ever reach space again.

The Undercity Construction Site - A plot of land that is being stripped of it's resources in a 10 mile circle to make way for the future of industrial development. The sector gives tours, but it is heavily guarded against unwanted guests.

Krozan Military Academy - The headquarters of Aluezian military, and the birthplace of every soldier that dare joins the Academy. The building itself is 7 stories tall, not counting underground facilities, and is 34,500 feet in area.

Krozan Transmitter Dish - A transmitter that was built to link up with satellites in orbit for internet access. At the center of Krozan Military Academy.

Krozan Launch Pad - A massive mile wide launch pad, that is a half mile deep with multiple levels and silos. This complex is part of an ENDGAME strategy just encase of a mass planetary cataclysm. Six ships are expected to be docked at this pad when completed.

New Moon Dance Club - One of the largest, and the most popular dance club in Aluez. Standing 3 stories tall with multiple dancefloors, DJ's, bars, and other features. It's theme changes nightly, how they do so is beyond anyones guess, but many suspect some sort of supernatural power behind the club itself… and why people keep coming back for more.

Naria Tournament Dome - A football stadium sized building specifically built to house Naria tournaments. The stadium can support up to 15 versus 15 matches, with a play area the size of 7 football fields, and can house 85,000 people easy.

Race Tracks - Several race tracks are scattered about the nation, and rope in several fans from local and abroad.

Dos and Don'ts

Do be polite and courteous - a smile and a friendly attitude goes a long way!

Don't refer to Chakats, Skunktaurs, and other Hermamorphic species as "it" or other neuter terms - They are referred to as Shi (or Sie, both pronounced Shay), or the possessive form Hir (pronounced like the German word Herr).

Do remember that Aluez is a Unity intended for even relations between Human and Non-Human species, and expect some differences in standards and amenity configuration based on that fact.

Do take the time to get to know the locals. Friendships can be easily made and last a long time. Don't stare or point at Taurs or other species, and don't discuss their sexuality with them unless they invite you to. After all, how would you feel to have your sexuality and bedroom habits the subject of public interest?

Do feel free to give the service staff a friendly hug in lieu of a tip for good service - tipping isn't generally practiced in Aluez due to the good wages paid to service people.

Don't mistake the friendly and affectionate nature of some species as an open invitation for sex, and don't assume every person who takes an interest in you wants to bed you. some species may be promiscuous, but they are also discriminating, just like other races.

Do keep an open mind, and refrain from judgmental comments about Aluez society until you have spent some reasonable time on-planet, as you would anywhere else.

Do take care if you are psychically active; The empathic abilities of some species have proven to include not only Chakat, but also other species. When you're unused to it, it might be disturbing to sense the emotional state of everyone you meet. A special headband is supplied to you if you request one, at no fee.

Local Customs

Victory Day: November 4th
Arrival Day: 1st of June

Immigration Opportunities

Immigrants are always welcomed, but are subject to schooling so they may understand the languages of the Unity better, the cultures, and laws of the Unity clearly. Many have been known to go through ten years or more of schooling to learn the languages and writing just to enter the country. Possible citizens go through fields of screening checks as well to make sure that they are not foreign problems the other countries are trying to put unto them (such as spies, or terrorists, or criminals).

Breeding Program

As the population of the colony needs to be hiked and raised, a breeding program was put into place for the citizens of the colony. 35 percent of the population has been roped into this program. Participants of this program wear a color coded collar at all times. The presence of this collar does NOT mean they are easy, and they are going to jump at you right off the bat. And the presence of this collar also restricts their interaction with foreign genetics code.

Males: 25 Percent
Females: 25 Percent
Herms: 50 Percent

Red - Males
Blue - Females
Purple - Herms
White - CHILDREN ONLY Children that have been targeted for future participants

One Star - Lowest class, usually virgins or extremely shy people
Two Star - Second Lowest, Some experience, usually shy
Three Star - Normal, experienced, has usual irks, quirks, etc.
Four Star - Extremely experienced, second highest.
Five Star - Masters, top of their line.

Star Colors
Red - Male Experience
Blue - Female Experience
Gold - Herm Experience

Crosses are shown under the stars, and represent how many children the person has under the age of 5. This number can be as high as 20. Crosses are colored up in the same colors as the stars.

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