Aluez Index

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Information about Aluez

People of Aluez
Aluez People Abilities
Flora and Fauna
Weapons in Aluez
Allies and Axis
Naria Game List
Aluez Military Legions
Aluez Breeding Stock
Aluezi Species
Aluezi Tourist Information
Unitarian Species

Mainland Aluez

Aluez: link


Freeport Harrison: link
New Dunsea: link
Tyr: link

NPC Nations

Friends of Unity

The Union of Sirius
Nifleim Rebel Movement
Krakov Corporation
The United Human, Abh and Anthropomorphic Empire (The United Empire)
Peoples Republic of Sirius
Albui Movement

Enemies of Unity


Tondam Corporate
Nanosoft Corporate
The Holy Provarian Empire
The Greater Galactic Reich
BORG cluster 89389
Alzure Pirate Syndicate
The Commonwealth of Dinona
Humanity First
The United Human Kind
All major and minor religions
Ojo de Dios (God's eye)
The Alliance of Capitalist Star Systems


The Commonwealth of Salnai:
The Republic of Bulzia:

Time period variations

The Kingdom of Alenia (10000 B.C.)

The Union of Charon and Pluto (100 A.S.)

The Unity of Solar Empires (Beyond)

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