Aluezi Tourist Information

Tourism is a lucrative business in Aluez, bringing in millions upon millions of credits each year and the occasional immigration opportunity. All across the nation, is several unique cities and sites that attract people from all around the world for many various reasons, ranging from the scientific, to the playful, to the downright scary…

Aluez Mainland


The Unity Hall

The Toride

The Mardukes Citadel

The Moonlight Club

The Midnight Military Academy

Hilldale Scientific Offices

The Ministry of Turth Headquarters

Southerland International Skyport

Unity Flame

Frybarer Starport

Alenia Saints Medical Center

Old Alenia Ruins

The old capitol city of the Yunans, and used to be home to over fifty-thousand people, if not more. The city was raided by the Aatuylvans and burned to the ground as every person that did not flee the city was massacred without mercy. Ghostlights appear by the thousands at times in these ruins, but being able to catch a glimpse of these magnificent beauties is like trying to find a Moonstone the size of a truck… near impossible. Legend has it that shortly after the massacre, the bodies and death amass attracted a demon, which takes the form of a fireball… the demon feeds off of the energies of the local wildlife, and of course, anyone that just happens to be in it's sights.

New Paris

Clockwork Skyship Yards Headquarters

The Party Pantheon

New Dublin

Peoples Square

New Moscow

Unity Square

New Berlin

The Hall of The People

The Undercity


Redstar Academy

Davidson Unitarian National Church

Damien Ruins

Another ruined city destroyed by the Aatuylvans, this city was home to five-thousand people before the Aatuylvans invaded and massacred the entire population. Ghostlights occur frequently here, as well as rampant paranormal activity. The most famous case discovered thus far was an Aatuylvan General that was apparently slain in the city as it was burned to the ground, no life spared. A legend floats about Damien is that at midnight on a full moon you can hear the spirits wail and cry for revenge, demanding blood be spilled once more to release their souls from their eternal hell on earth.

New Nashville

New Nashville Shores

Ashton Farms

Inverted Washington Monument

Naria Colosseum

Hunters Tavern

Ruby Caverns

White Water Rafting

Sudlian Walking Trails

Angel Lake

Harrison Speedway

Port Ina

Aqualight Underwater Casino

Hellhound Statue

Angels Gate Statues

Royal Citadel

Misi Ruins

The Misi Ruins, a cliff-city belonging to what was suspected to be the Yunans, but research has shown that Misi did not belong to Yuna, but to an advanced civilization of felines that just mysteriously… disappeared. Ghostlights appear in these ruins, suggesting that their population was wiped out by something… but what that something exactly was remains a mystery to this day. Paranormal activity does occur within the ruins as well, but not as often as the ghostlights do.

Many have reported seeing the spirit of a little girl roaming the streets at night between the hours of ten and midnight, this has been confirmed many times, yet contact with the spirit is still rather tricky… as it seems to like to set off explosive airbursts over the pursuing hunters.

Satellite Nations

New Dunsea

Pokemon Research Facility

Unity's Light

Freeport Harrison

Jinjahl Harbor

The Black Coon Tavern

The Citystate of Tyr

The Freedom Market

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