Anean Law


The Supreme Court

Quadrant High Courts

Sectoral Tribunals

Local Courts


Legal drinking age: 16
Legal driving age: 16
Age of sexual consent: 13
Voting age and requirements: 18, must be a Citizen
Age of adulthood: 18
What types of recreational drugs (if any) are legal:

  • Marijuana: Legal and government controlled
  • Tobacco: Fully legal
  • Cocaine: Illegal
  • Alcohol: Fully legal
  • LSD: Controlled
  • Caffeine: Fully legal
  • Heroin: Illegal

Gun Laws: Limited, anyone can own any kind of weapon, but military grade require previous military experience.
Death Penalty: Only in cases of murder and some war crimes.
Speed Limits From 25 on side streets to Unlimited on the superhighways.
Religion: Most are frowned upon, with the Anean Pantheon as the State Religion.
Which of the following are legal:

  • Pornography: For viewing, 16+. For participation, 18+.
  • Prostitution: Illegal
  • Polygamy: Discouraged, but not illegal
  • Homosexuality: Legal
  • Stem Cell Research: Fully Legal
  • Cloning: Legal, but restricted to military uses currently.

Animal Fighting: Legal
Slavery: Legal but government regulated
Hunting: Fully Legal on any animals
Fishing: See Hunting
Eating Meat: Fully Legal, including sapients
Littering: Illegal, small fines if caught
Unisex Bathrooms: No
Suicide: Legal since those that would consider such an option are probably better off dead anyway
Gay marriage: Fully Legal
Abortion: Fully Legal
What types of sexual activity (if any) are illegal?

  • Rape
  • Underage
  • Public

Mandatory or Optional Clothing: Mandatory, no one wants to see what would have been in your pants
Obscenity Laws: Yes, but all are common sense.
Tax System: Taxes taken out of all paychecks, no tax refunds like the US
Sales Tax: 5%
Import and Export Tax:

  • Import: 15% of value of cargo
  • Export: 10% of value of cargo

Citizenship Criteria:

  • No Criminal Record
  • Must speak either New Haromian or Talonian
  • Resident of Empire for 5 years
  • Service in the AGF or ASF
  • Convert to the Pantheon

Immigration Laws: All are allowed in, but foreigners are closely watched
Censorship Laws: Generally nonexistent, but government can force a temporary media blackout if national security is threatened.

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