Anean Quotes

Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun


"The people that complain about the government is too strong, or the police is too oppressive, or the military is too big clearly never served in the military and saw the atrocities that the AGF and ASF defend us from."

"The true difference between citizens and noncitizens in the Empire is that while the former would give their lives to defend the Empire against anything that threatens us, the latter will criticize everything the citizens do."

"Some criticize our citizenship policy as dangerous and demeaning to the common man. But what greater glory is there than to serve the nation that has given you so much and only asks for a few years of your time?"

"Oh how I enjoy going to the universities and getting things thrown at me and such. They will never do much more than that to the Empire. Meanwhile the people that just get out of high school and join the military secure our futures. They return as industrious citizens. The college students may get high paying jobs, but they will never have respect, will never get ahead, and will never enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they made the Empire a better place."


"A country run by mutual fear, by that I mean the government and people fearing each other, will eventually fall. What is needed is a nation where the government and people work in harmony for they good of the nation. Of course, we cannot truly accomplish this through brainwashing or other mind altering techniques because that is in no way the same. No, we need a government that bends over backward for it's people and vice versa."

"From what I have seen, democracies don't work, communism doesn't work, fascism doesn't work, etc. No single government can run a country properly. You need a mix that works for your people. There are people that go 'No, Democracy!' some that go 'No, Communism!' but it works for THEIR people. We have fared well under our imperial democratic rule. I have no intentions of letting it change and I will not let anyone try to change it."

"National weakness stems from submitting to everyone that comes along. For that reason, I REFUSE to submit. I refuse to give up our strength for the sake of better relations. I refuse to negotiate with people that would rather see us burning in flames than see us prosper. To hell with those that don't want to even consider working WITH us."


"Treason… it's hard to define it sometimes. For Emperor Welhan treason was someone that had an AI that they created, spoke ill of the Emperor, etc. For me, treason is DIRECTLY causing damage to the Empire. The charge of treason, in the wrong hands, is a horrible horrible weapon and I hate to use it."

"There are those out there that want to see the Empire shatter and will try to accomplish it through violence and terrorism. For those people, all I can say is that I will hunt you down, I will capture you, I will torture you, and then I will bury you alive. People like you don't deserve an honorable death."


"I have watched billions die across thousands of worlds. Seen streets literally run red with blood. I have seen and committed atrocities. I don't like war. I HATE war. I despise it in all its forms. But… I still am proud of serving my Empire and the people with all my ability."

"Losing an arm, a leg, having every single bone replaced, and having every vital organ replaced has done wonders for me. I have realized that in war you really do leave a part of yourself on the battlefield!"

"We have the most powerful military force that the galaxy, if not the Local Group, has ever seen. Every fight out there seems to be our fight. If we turn a blind eye to any threat then for all we know it can descend upon us. Preventing the threats from growing and preemptively destroying them is the key to universal domination."

"Why do I continue to conquer? Because every nation has a military muscle. The ASE's is strong obviously. But if you neglect it and let it grow weak, then when a war does come then you will not hold and you will watch everything your people fought for crumble beneath you. We have lost too much to let that happen."

"Any man or woman, human or anthro, when their real or perceived rights are threatened will stand and fight. They will give their lives to defend their rights. Combine that with religious duty to defend it as well as professional military training and you have an army of fanatics that won't back down against anything and will fight with every fiber of their being."


"Supposedly justice is blind, but it seems that all judges these days sure can count the money they are given."

"The death sentence is an interesting thing. Considering it is only given for murder and treason, I cannot figure out how killing people for killing people is justice. But it keeps the families of the victim or victims happy. They are the ones that truly matter."

Mass Media

"Ah the media. The news. Whatever you want to call it, it's an invaluable tool. In this day and age, the people need someone to tell them what to think basically. The common mentality seems to be, 'Well the news said this so it must be true!' The worst of the politicians are able to exploit it. They say what is true and what is false, even if what is said to be true is not."

Emperor Welhan

Human Supremacy

"Humans are the ideal species. Why? They are naturally tough and can adapt to nearly any environment. Not to mention that if you fuck with them, you're probably going to get destroyed. Anthros on the other hand… I have nothing good to say about them and far too much bad to put into a single quote."


"War is necessary for the stability of the nation. As long as we win, then we will grow in power and wealth. No nation that lived in a constant state of peace ever advanced. We learned that the hard way back in the First Federation War. I intend to instill this in every generation. War is the answer."

Luca Rio


"You see, the problem with the universe today is that almost every space faring nation has their phasers set to 'DESTROY THE FOREIGNERS'. This is probably because most first contact involves warships and fearful crews. Press the wrong button and you start a war. God I love pressing that button."

"Watching the fighting caused by politics, diplomacy, and the like, I have to ask myself, is this really worth it? I mean, enough fighting will result in a war. Why not just skip everything in between and submit the damn declaration?"


"In our day and age, space power is vital. Yes, you can have billions of soldiers, but what good does it do without the ships to move them? That's where the ASF comes in."

Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan I


"The ideal form of government, in my opinion, is a meritocracy. The last few years have forged a populace ready to give themselves to keep the nation running. As Welhan and the state religion proves, a patriarchy is ineffective. As the Commonwealth down south proves, a matriarchy is ineffective. A stratocracy is good to an extent, but that limits it to military leaders. That means war is more likely and that is bad. A meritocracy though lets people from all walks of life, so long as they have the experience, get into positions."

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