Anean Special Forces


Regular Forces:

  • Anean Imperial Guard
  • Orbital Shock Troopers
  • ASF Marine Corps
  • Royal Palace Guard
  • The Emperor's Legion
  • Goliath Program

Covert Forces:

  • Nighthaunts
  • Remnoran Royal Guard

Unit Detail

Regular Forces

Anean Imperial Guard

Number of Soldiers: 1,500,000

The Anean Imperial Guard is the military garrison for the Gracaria-Nordavic Metropolitan Area. In addition to being deployed in the city, they serve as the Emperor's or Empress's guard when traveling. During Welhan's reign, they acted as a police force and was known for their brutal ways of suppressing protests. Under IX they were reformed and lost most of their powers. Now they are little more than glorified bodyguards.

The Imperial Guard is actually selected from newly trained AGF soldiers. Once chosen, the soldier can turn down the offer or continue more specialized training that would be fit for bodyguards. A more rigorous training for senior soldiers involves actions such as room breaching, rappelling, and other training typically reserved for units such as the Remnoran Royal Guard.

The Imperial Guard is also a solely human unit and is expected to remain so due to the Remnoran Royal Guard being a solely Remnoran one.

Orbital Shock Troopers

Number of Soldiers: 150,000

The OSTs are an elite group of soldiers. Usually joining the unit is by selection followed by intensive training which most can't get through. There are exceptions that allow for the soldier to request entry, though for these people training is usually harder in order to weed them out if they're not really up to the challenge.

Trained in all sorts of situations, the OSTs are among the most flexible soldiers of the Empire. Capable of performing covert operations as well as deep strikes behind enemy lines among many tasks, the OSTs usually go into planetary invasions first. Their ability to survive and adapt is unmatched by any other special forces in the Empire.

ASF Marine Corps

Number of Soldiers: 500,000

The ASF Marines are a relatively new unit. During Welhan's reign, the AGF soldiers on ASF ships were used to board and capture vessels. Once IX took over, the AGF garrisons became a part of IX's newly formed Marine Corps.

The Marines aren't given any real special training, just knowledge on how to effectively board and seize starships with a limited number of soldiers. They are only listed as special forces due to the unique nature of their missions.

Royal Palace Guard

Number of Soldiers: 1,000

The RPG is the oldest unit in the Empire and has been in various forms. Dating back to the Haromian Empire, the Royal Palace Guard was the guards of the Haromian Emperor. Then they were more similar to the Praetorian Guard of ancient Rome. When the Kingdom of Anea rose, they became guards of the royal residences. That role lasted until the nuclear war which devastated Haroma. After the Empire rose again, they resumed their previous role as guards of the royal residences.

The Palace Guard receives the same training as the Imperial Guard, though most don't have a previous military background. They are hand selected by the Emperor or Empress for their loyalty and potential as a guard.

The Emperor's Legion

Number of Soldiers: 75,000

The Emperor's Legion, originally a unit devised by Welhan to become his hand in the Empire that was free of legal constraints, grew into a unit that shaped the Empire. From the unit many of the Empire's most famous soldiers rose. Among them were Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun (Former Emperor), Tamarynn Rio (Minister of Defense), Luca Rio (Empress), and Nakhi Welhan I (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court).

The training of the Legion depends on the role of the Legion the soldier is deployed in. All the Legions have different roles ranging from orbital drops with former OSTs to tanks and IFVs.

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Goliath Program

Number of Soldiers: 50,000

The Goliath Program was formed after the discovery of Deep Dweller Hybrids. Using Anean military technology, suits of armor that went far beyond the standard were developed uniquely for these soldiers. The Goliaths, after the first left training, became a symbol of Imperial soldiering and battlefield prowess. Typically deployed in heavy combat, the Goliaths are essentially walking tanks able to sustain massive amounts of damage before falling.

Taken from birth, the Goliaths are raised with a routine of difficult physical training, propaganda, and absolute loyalty to the Empire. As IX once said of the program, in a paraphrase of a Star Wars quote, "They either grow up loyal to the Empire or they don't grow up at all". Training ends at age 16, at which time the soldiers are given their full armor - rather than the weakened version for training - and sent on deployments. For obvious reasons, much of the Program is made of large built people in order to intimidate.

Covert Forces


The Nighthaunts are a highly classified unit. What little is known of them is that they play both sides in a conflict. With this known, they have been blamed for starting the Third Federation War, among many things, with a false flag operation. Like their namesake, they are silent until they strike. When they strike, much damage is done. As well, none have been known to have been killed in combat or by any other means.

Remnoran Royal Guard

Number of Soldiers: 100-300

The RRG was an odd unit. Originally they were guardians of the Remnoran monarchy, but when the Remnoran Republic and Anean Empire united their role was lost. Welhan, trying to keep the soldiers and Remorans happy, turned the RRG into a unit that specializes in anti-terrorist operations. IX kept their mission the same, but used them in regular deployments as well. The Remnoran Royal Guard is among the most well disciplined soldiers in the Empire and are a rare sight in the uniform of the guard. Because of that, their true numbers are unknown but could range from 100 to 300, or even higher.

Training of the RRG is one of the few things about them that remain classified.

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