Anean Starships

Capital Ships

Harbinger Class Command Dreadnought

Length: 22 Miles
Crew: 3,500,000
Number in Service: 1

Devastator Class Dreadnought

Length: 7 Miles
Crew: 1,100,000
Number in Service: 165

Trotia Class Carrier

Length: 5 Miles
Crew: 800,000
Number in Service: 165

Heavy Warships

Annihilator V A Class Battleship

Length: 2.5 Miles
Crew: 150,000
Number in Service: 825

Annihilator III B Class Sensor Ship

Length: 2.5 Miles
Crew: 200,000
Number in Service: 825

Venak Class Battlecruiser

Length: 2 Miles
Crew: 100,000
Number in Service: 4,125

Light Warships

Remnora Class Cruiser

Length: 1.9 Miles
Crew: 50,000
Number in Service: 20,625

Welhan Class Destroyer

Length: 1.5 Miles
Crew: 20,000
Number in Service: 103,125

Imperial Class Frigate

Length: .75 Miles
Crew: 15,000
Number in Service: 515,625

Azizos Class Corvette

Length: .5 Miles
Crew: 5,000
Number in Service: 50,000

Invasion Ships

Liberty Class Troopship

Freedom Class Landing Craft


Xaimoungkhoun Class Hospital Ship

Patriot Class Ultra Heavy Freighter

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