Apolytam Pargo Kabutrhan

For Apolytam of the Pargalonian variety, see Pargalonian Apolytam

Pargokabutrhan Apolytam are a species of carnivorous osteoderms which have very little in common with those described in Pargalonian Antiquity. The assignment of the species name "apolytam" was due to misinterpretation across cultures, but has for some reason stuck.
They currently inhabit the Tajirate of Kabutrhoh (Miokalia) although have very little diaspora into the neighboring lands.
The Miokalian HRG categorizes Pargokabutrhan Apolytam as "Osteodermic Arthropodal Synapsids" (HRG: SpO-4072.2) which is considerably different than the more Gorgonoidal creatures described in Pargalonian Antiquity.

Kabutrhoh History

Modern Kabutrhoh Apolytam

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