Artificer Kilar Virn

Artificer Kilar Virn was a Ryvuuli scholar and engineer who was born in 130 CE.
He wandered the country selling his inventions until he died around 240 CE.

The First Artificer

Kilar Virn was the first true modern thinker in Aatuylva, always trying to see how something worked.
Nothing was unexplainable, one simply had to search for an answer.
This mentality led him into conflict with many of those around him, especially the strict Kingdom of Accallia, as they saw technology as a tool that only those with power should be allowed to wield.

It is said that among his first inventions were the automatons you see around Majiin today in the fountains and concert halls. He wanted to recreate life around him, and made 'living statues'.
The fact that a good many are still in working order and only require periodical maintenance is a testament to their builder.

His first one was a simple automaton that he could control the movements of through a series of levers. He brought it to the court of the Maji to show it off, in the hopes that he would get a sponsor.
The head Maji was so impressed that he commissioned a series of dancers that would perform to operas.
Kilar worked for several weeks, using the materials the Maji provided him, until it was finished.
When the Maji sat and watched the performance, it is said that he shed a single tear, and ordered it dismantled so that it could be recreated.
He then banished Kilar, saying that once his final commission was done, that he could never return to Majiin again, that art and science should never have been wed.

Kilar was not seen again in the recorded histories until 175 CE, where he was seen in the Commonwealth, building forges for the Ai'lupans.
Not much is known about his adventures during this period, save that he attempted to build a working steam engine. There was not much use for it at the time, and it was dubbed a 'curious oddity.'

In 179 CE he was invited to the royal courts in Accallia, to present to the King his inventions.
At every turn the King was quick to point out a flaw, or to ridicule his work.
All of Kilar's inventions, his automatons, his engines, all of his trinkets and toys, the King delighted in finding the faults in every last one of them, until Kilar got so frustrated that he left the courts without a word. Three days later, the entire infrastructure of Accallia was failing; roads were falling to pieces, siege engines were falling apart, the foundations of the royal castle were even crumbling!
Kilar stormed back into the royal chambers, and confronted the King.

"It takes three days for me to destroy a kingdom you built in hundreds of years. Does this mean that your kingdom was doomed to fail from the start?"

He never returned to Accallia for the rest of his days.

He wandered the outlands and farming communities of Aatuylva for several years, selling improved farming tools, and trinkets for the children, and all records cease until circa 223 CE.

For the rest of his life, Kilar was obsessed with building a machine of such importance that the Maji would be forced to let him return home.
Much of his days were spent in contemplation as he sought an idea, any idea, which would impress his former colleagues. It was then, after watching birds take flight, that he found it.

He spent the remainder of his days building a 'flying machine', a fixed-wing aircraft, if anything is to be gleamed from surviving plans.

After seventeen failed attempts, he was nearing the end of his life, but he got his final invention off the ground in 237 CE, and its total flight time, if records are accurate, was approximately 7 seconds.

He died at the age of one hundred and ten, regretting never seeing his home again, but remembering the joys of flight.

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