Political Leaders:
High Abbot: Jaffe Ahinoan(Raven-Male)
Cardinal: Bahadur Tziporah(Red Panda-Male)
Cardinal: Taliba Amaziah(Bat-Eared Fox-Male)
Cardinal: Rotem Sumayya(Binturong-Male)
Cardinal: Amnon Haytham(Aardwolf-Male)
Cardinal: Isra Tziporah(Red Panda-Female)
Cardinal: Hadi Chayyim(Water Deer-Male(
Oathkeeper General: Kfir Kamal(Kodiak Bear-Male)
Inquisitoral General: Layla Malaika(Albino Volcano Rabbit-Female)


Avian: 15%
-Raven: 23%
Red Panda: 14%
Vulpines: 12%
Rabbits: 10%
Hyena: 7%
Cervines: 7%
Bats: 6%
Alligator: 5%
Other: 1%

OOC: My Avians dont have effective wings, though some atavisms will give them long feathers on their arms, which are really only effective at bapping people in the face.


Early History



Law Questionnaire

A simple questionnaire that will help tourists know some of the more common laws.

1 - What is the legal drinking age? 18

2 - Driving age? 18. Cars are toys of the rich however. Fossil fuel cars are outlawed due to health and environmental reasons.

3 - Age of sexual consent? 18.

4 - Voting age? Voting? What's that?

5 - At what age would someone become an adult (free from parental control)? - You are only not subject to the whims of your parents once you are economically and socially free of them. If you continue to use their name or money, then you are considered dependant on them.

6 - What types of recreational drugs (if any) are legal?

-Weed - Legal

- Tobacco - Illegal due to health concerns.

- Cocaine - Illegal due to health concerns.

-Alcohol - Illegal due to health concerns.

- LSD - Only legal within private residences.

- Caffeine - Legal

- Heroin - Illegal

Note 1: All beverages and substances that affect the mind or the reaction times of a person are prohibited while on duty or at the jobplace.

Note 2: Breaking a drug control law is punishable by indefinate military service. On the Kalian border.

7 - Can people have guns? Guns are not allowed outside of military hands. Most people will carry various melee weapons.

8 - What is the official full name of your country? The Holy Empire of Bas-Tilarn.

9 - Do you have the death penalty? No. Punishment is by conscription into border patrols.

10 - What is the speed limit? Speed limit? What's that?

11 - What types of religions would are permitted or restricted? All non Tsalmavists are punished at the whim of the Inquisition.

Which of the following are legal:

12- Porn - Yes, so long as those involved are of the proper age and consented.

13-Prostitution - Between consenting adults, yes.

14-Polygamy/ Polyandry/ Polyamory - Yes.

15-Homosexuality - Perfectly fine, legal, and accepted.

16-Stem cell research - Legal.

17-Human Cloning - Legal.

18-Cock Fighting? If you want to see someone's head bashed in, walk the streets and wait for a duel.

19-Slavery? No. Indentured servitude is legal, though heavily regulated.

20-Hunting? Yes.

21-Fishing - Yes.

22-Eating meat? Yes.

23-Littering? Do not poison Tsalmaveth's work.

24-Unisex bathrooms? How the bathrooms are set up are left to the institution that has them.

25-Suicide? Yes. It's not like someone can get punished after they kill themselves.

26 - Gay marriage? As legal as marriage between heterosexual pairings.

27-Abortion? Yes.

28- What types of sexual activity (if any) are illegal ? Rape and statutory rape.

29-Is your country's/culture clothing optional or mandatory? You must be clothed in public place. The sheerness of said clothing is up for grabs.

30-Do you have obscenity laws? No.

31-What system do you have for taxes? [incomplete]

31-Sales tax? Yes. [incomplete]

31-Import/Export tax? [incomplete]

32-What is the criterion for someone to pass to become a citizen? Veting by the Church as a believer in Tsalmavism.

33-What types of people do you allow (or not allow) into your country? You're allowed in unless blacklisted. Just don't expect deportation.

34-To what degree is your government allowed to censor or restrict the media? Of course we don't allow censorship. MESSAGE BROUGHT TO BY *beeep*

35-What type of government are you? Theocracy

36-Aside from laws - what sort of unofficial (and unenforced) cultural rules and traditions do you have? [incomplete]


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