Dershig Dynasty

The Dershig Dynasty is seen by many as the true renaissance of Pargalo. The early years were taken up mainly with a series of wars by outside aggressors against the realm, but after the war years and the reign of Dershig Till'Hal, the nation as a whole became a generally peaceful place. This was helped by Dershig Till'Hal's work to rebuild from scratch capital city of Zarx and the acts of education which brought literacy to even the furthest corners of Pargalo.

Um'Sal IV pushed hard for the settlement of the southern colonies (in modern day Tinis) and by the end of her reign many exotic treats like refined sugar where being channeled from the south through the colonies to Pargalo. Rollvox IX faced down the four rebellions, which were primarily about taxes being levied by local lords, cities, and banks. Galechar IV was most notable for placing heavy restrictions on the use of firearms in the realm. In effect, anyone who had such a weapon was, by having possession, a member of the army of Pargalo and thus subject to the orders of the sovereign and military law. The end of the dynasty was a fluke of sorts. The twins born of the king Rentar I and his wife Yudila were ranked arbitrarily, making one the heir while the other one not. After the death of Rentar I, Rentar II became king but was murdered by his brother Dershig'Swiv out of jealousy. As Rentar II was young, unmarried, and without even illegitimate children, the parliament found that the dynasty was at an end and Dershig'Swiv. This may have also been a specially motivated move given the murder.


After the death of the only heir of Rollvox VII and the king enfeebled by disease, making having a new heir almost impossible, it was decided by consensus for the lords of the realm to all be in the capital and ready to meet. This was fitting as in late fall of 1459 Rollvox VII died. The main contenders seemed to be Lord Pinali of the dragon house Halycon and Mayor Morghiw, a beaver and high mayor of Zarx at the time as a vassal of the Givig Um'Civ family and thus qualified to stand (though that was much debated). Deadlock ensued until a compromise candidate from the second tier, Dershig'Guwan of Pazlax was selected. Dershig'Guwan was an elk of advanced age but a son, a grand son, and a great grandchild on the way. The lords were in no mood to meet any time soon for another potential election. The fact of his lineage was quite fortunate as a few days after being crowned, the new king, now known as Dershig Guwan I, died of a lung disease.

Dershig Dynasty

1459 - Dershig Guwan I
1459-1474 - Dershig
1474-1479 - Dershig Guwan II
1479-1502 - Dershig Till'Hal
1502-1533 - Rastabar IV
1533-1571 - Dershig Mek'Vool
1571-1618 - Um'Sal IV
1618-1620 - Rollvox VIII
1620-1656 - Rollvox IX
1656-1657 - Dershig Pa'Quan
1657-1689 - Mo'Halta V
1689-1699 - Galechar IV
1699-1745 - Rentar I
1745-1746 - Rentar II

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