Emlez Dynasty

The Emlez Dynasty was the second royal line in the Kingdom of Pargalo. It began with Emlez I in 112 CE and lasted until the death of Emlez VI in 596 CE. The Emlez line was composed of a family line of ferrets. The Emlez dynasty pushed for more centralization in Pargalo and oversaw the end of the last independent lords. Emlez III instated the first legal magistrates, which oddly enough ended up being a boom to the lords of the realm as it allowed them to spend less time deciding petty conflicts. Rastabar I oversaw the construction of castle Mazel. Galechar III spent her short time as queen fighting off three invasions successfully before being killed by pneumonia.

The Election

At the end of the Rollvox dynasty, the Kingdom of Pargalo was near returning to barbarism. The cousin of the late Mo'Halta II, Delco Ral, was moving to seize the throne when his opponents decided that it might be better to instead do as the law required and hold an election. Delco Ral's name was put in for consideration as the Rollvox family had attained through its efforts a sizable lead in control of Pargalo over the other lords. Of the other candidates, the alliance against Delco Ral met before the election and decided that they would support Emlez. Emlez was choosen by them as they felt he would be easy to bend to their will. Emlez, a candidate nominated from the lesser lords by the 3rd largest domain, was elected.

Emlez Dynasty

112-163 - Emlez I
163-230 - Emlez II
230-279 - Galechar I
279-314 - Emlez III
314-381 - Galechar II
381 - Emlez IV
381-426 Emlez V
426-459 Rastabar I
459-500 Galechar III
500-543 Rastabar II
543-596 Emlez VI

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