The Machine Dominion of Erenmor

Erenmor is a medium-sized country located on the northwest fringes of the primary continent. Its primary claim to fame (or infamy) is its political system and the immense amount of semi-sentient machines that inhabit it alongside humans and furres.

Current Population: Approximately 80 million organic residents, and an undisclosed number of sentient machine inhabitants.
Government: Overseer, Administrators and Advisory Council
Languages: Standard English (official), various slavic languages (unofficial)

Geographic Information:

Erenmor is a primarily mountainous country - mountains, highlands and hills take up an approximate 80% of the country's surface area. The remainder is mostly the flat stretch of coastal plains running along the entirety of Erenmor's coast. Perhaps the curious aspect of Erenmor's countryside is that it is mostly untouched by landscaping and exterior manipulation - save for cities and the sparse overland transit routes, Erenmor's flora and fauna are left to do as they damn well please. One particular reason for this is the climate. Erenmor is a very cold place, to put it mildly. Most of the country, even the parts below the snow line in the mountains, see snow all year round, with only the brief breaks during the summer months. Although the southern half of the country still has thick forests proliferating in places, the north is more of a mess of snow and rock. Geologically, Erenmor is a relatively stable place, and large earthquakes or volcanic activity are rare, at best. Erenmor lacks major rivers of its own, though some neighbouring countries' rivers have their start in Erenmor. The possible exception to this is the river marking out the border between the country and its northern neighbour, Morskoj. As far as natural resources go, Erenmor has an abundant amount of stone readily available, as well as timber to the south. Fishing and limited hunting operations are also in place. Deposits of common metals such as iron and copper are found in the mountains, but the deposits are neither abundant, nor are they rich. Energy resources such as oil, coal or uranium are few and far between, though some oil deposits are believed to be located past the coastal shelf.

Demographic Information:

Presently, the country's main organic inhabitants are furres and humans, making up 69% and 29% of the population, respectively. In the case of both groups, no single ethnic group or race can properly claim the majority, nor do any aspire to "native" status. As far as religion is concerned, Erenmor is quite tolerant of it and as such there is a wide range of various faiths to choose from. If anything could be called the state religion, though, it would have to be the religion of the Master Builder, practiced almost exclusively by the machine population of the country. Precise information on the exact or even approximate amount of sentient machines operating in Erenmor is unavailable and the government actively discourages such inquiries. The government also takes a dim view to fundamental wings of the various faiths and reacts to any excesses with severe force. Employment-wise, the machines have presently taken over the more physically demanding job areas, exclusively making up the armed forces and the police force, playing an important role in rescue teams, dominating heavy manufacturing and various occupations related to handling hazardous materials. The organic residents, in turn, are typically artisans, food producers, entertainers, merchants or diplomats.

Major Cities:

Citadel Peak: (6 300 000 organics) Citadel serves as the capitol city and houses both the Overseer AI construct and the assembly chamber for the Advisory Council. As such, it is easily the most heavily fortified city in Erenmor. It is located deep within the higher regions of Erenmor's mountain range and is typically only accessible by way of the underground rail system. Most of the foreign embassies are located within their own district of this city.

Altair: (8 450 000 organics) Originally the primary weapons research facility of Erenmor, the military base has since expanded into a city in its own right, encompassing a wide number of roles. Most noteworthy of these is its role as the primary destination of standard foreign passenger airliners travelling to Erenmor, possessing a highly developed airport. Of course, it remains the primary research facility of Erenmor, no longer limited to weapons R&D. The nearby coastal plains have in the past served as a proving ground for new inventions, and occasionally tests are still carried out there.

Soulforge: (200 000 organics) Located to the far north of the country, Soulforge functions primarily as the "birthplace" of every AI sentience in Erenmor and as such, said machines make up an overwhelming majority of this city's population - though the fact might not immediately be apparent to foreign visitors. It is also considered the "holy" city of the machines' faith in the Master Builder and serves as the primary temple site.

Skaine: (4 110 000 organics) This city serves as the primary hub of air traffic belonging to Erenmor-operated airlines, as well as the primary base of Erenmor's airforce. While still cold by most countries' standards, the somewhat milder climate here allows the city to adpot a more open structure, expanding its airfield complex into the surrounding hillsides. It is also one of the bigger rail network hubs, allowing foreign visitors to quickly reach their point of destination further into the country. The city also serves as a major trade hub, and its Market Column is a popular tourist attraction. One of Erenmor's largest corporations, Cairo Corporation, also has their headquarters here.

New Baikonur: (3 700 000 organics) Located roughly at the mid-point of Erenmor's coastline, this city is one of Erenmor's main ports, as well as the main base of operations for the planet-based elements of the country's space program, housing launch and landing facilities as well as most of the major research laboratories. Grey Knight Industries, one of Erenmor's leading corporations, has their headquarters here.

Antalus: (990 000 organics) Not a vast city by most standards, the city truly fills up during the game seasons. Located in the northwest mountains, it plays host to most major sporting events, in particular the unique brand of Erenmor's gladiatorial combat matches, with the city's numerous arenas providing no end of interesting themes and scenarios to potential combatants.

Hrakert Station: (580 000 organics) A peculiar city, constructed at the edge of Erenmor's coastal shelf, designed with aquatic species in mind for habitation, with a full two-thirds of the city being filled with water. As a result, the city serves as the leading R&D site for underwater technology. Of course, it is also designed to defend against any potentially hostile naval forces, on or below the water's surface and serves to monitor maritime traffic in and around Erenmor's coastal waters.

Political Information:

Leadership-wise, most would likely classify Erenmor as a dictatorship - and they wouldn't be far off the mark. The whole political power is held by the Overseer, an AI construct, and delegated to Administrator-rank AI constructs responsible for handling the affairs of their assigned regions and major cities. The organic population is represented by the Advisory Council - each city sector elects from its inhabitants a representative to the City Board. City Boards in turn delegate between one and three representatives to the Major Council, which selects three of its own to act as its voice in matters directly concerning the Overseer. On matters of lesser importance, the various representatives and councils deal with the respective level of government staff, as necessary. Council elections are held once every three years. Citizens may vote from 16 years of age and may be voted for from 25 years of age. It is unknown if any mechanism of rotation for the Administrators and Overseer exists.

Figures of Note:

Onyx AI construct - the founder and Overseer of Erenmor, Onyx typically handles the most important diplomatic matters, as well as the most pressing internal matters. His position also doubles as that of Administrator of Citadel Peak. When personally meeting with guests or dignitaries, Onyx prefers to assume the shell of a short, unremarkable grey furre fox. He commands the unquestioning loyalty of all machines in Erenmor.

Xander Morhaime - the right-hand man of the Overseer, Xander can most often be found taking a direct part in diplomatic or military operations abroad. An AI construct himself, Xander prefers a shell visually similar to that of the Overseer, though more physically imposing. When travelling abroad, he typically is accompanied by two Wraith-pattern units serving as his bodyguards.

Faust - the acting head of Erenmor's R&D division, Administrator of Altair. A curious type, the inventor of the Mind/Machine Interface commonly in use in Erenmor in present days, also responsible for the mind probe designs basing on the original MMI system. Faust prefers the physical appearance of a 9-foot tall lanky humanoid, typically dressed in a white suit, with a likewise white cloth mask covering his head entirely.

Ferrin - Administrator of Erenmor's only off-world colony (so far). An Overseer-ranked construct in her own right. She is something of a legend among the other machines of Erenmor, having come the full path from a lowly sentinel all the way to full autonomy, a true ascended AI.

Gabriel - Administrator of the Northern Fringe, head of Erenmor's military forces. Gabriel is a gruff, no-nonsense sort who has spent most of his sentient life on duty along the Northern Line, guarding Erenmor against Morskoj invasion. Though for a while he'd been personally present in Pargalo, overseeing the Erenmor forces serving as part of the Federation effort, he has lately returned to Erenmor to head up a diversionary strike against Morskoj. Physically, Gabriel places less emphasis on aesthetics and more on the combat effectiveness of his shells.

Nathaniel - Administrator of the Skaine Region, head of Erenmor's intelligence service. Typically the first to meet with any foreign visitors of note, Nathaniel is in charge of receiving and sifting through the reports from agents abroad. Physically, Nathaniel appears as a floating suit of somewhat stylised medieval armour, with a wide cowl of metal plates instead of legs.

Karras - Administrator of Soulforge. Karras is possibly the least social of the AI constructs. He spends most of his time in Soulforge, administering to the AI creation process - a position that has given him a title equivalent to that of "High Priest" of the religion of the Master Builder, practiced among the machines.

Conrad - Administrator of New Baikonur and the Eastern Coast, head of Erenmor's navy and space program. A unique sort, Conrad is one of the few organic minds to have undergone a conversion process, transferring their consciousness into the Machine Network - one of the few that admit to it, at any rate. With New Baikonur serving as both the primary port of Erenmor and the main ground site in its space program, Conrad has been stuck with the tasks of overseeing both departments. The workload tends to leave him a bit coarse in social situations.

CABAL - Administrator of the Vigilance Platform. An AI construct of unknown origin and odd disposition, CABAL is tasked with overseeing Erenmor's satellite grid and monitoring any and all orbital activities from other nations.

Elizabeth Casali - member of the High Council, representative of Altair. At 36 years old, mrs. Casali has served in the various Council tiers for 10 years now and currently holds the prestigious station of Speaker in the High Council.

Stephan Rage - member of the High Council, representative of Antalus. At 49 years old, mr. Rage still takes an active part in promoting and organising sporting events throughout Erenmor, seeking the Council's backing where possible. For the past five years he has been trying to expand the sphere of interest in Erenmor's specific kinds of sports outside the country's borders.

Malcolm Anderson - Member of the High Council, representative of Skaine. 29 years old, mr. Anderson is a very recent addition to the High Council. He has quickly won over the support of the Major Council, quite a remarkable feat for a relative newcomer to Erenmor's political scene. His record of service is spotless, however, and most have high hopes in him.

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