First Anean Military Reformation


The First Anean Military Reformation was created in the aftermath of the First Federation War. During the war, the Empire was crippled militarily and there were rogue planets that posed a threat to the overall security of the Empire.




The Emperor's Speech

"We know that we have been at war for the last thirty years. Since the dawn of the Empire, war is all we have known. But we have slipped behind. We hoped for a peaceful entry into space and being able to use our outdated technology for a while. We cannot. We underestimated the dangers in this great black void.

"We all know that the Federation was once our ally. We made a smart choice in that respect. We knew strength when we saw it, but we thought we knew honesty as well. They came to us peacefully and we thought they had good intentions. They might have… at first.

"As they built up their forces and grew in military power, we were sitting around with our thumbs up our ass. We thought we had an endless era of peace, a time of prosperity that we had never known for so long. But that thought was shattered with their invasion.

"They came over those borders with thousands of ships and billions of soldiers. They struck Haroma first and captured me. We know the story since most of us grew up hearing it. How they overran our nation, how they slaughtered our people, how they destroyed our culture.

"But! We have won that war at last! We pushed the Federation out of the Empire and once again our beautiful, though tattered, flag rises over Haroma and our Empire once again. We owe it, mostly in part, to the Remnoran Republic and their selflessness. Without them, I doubt we would have won. But now, again, we stand at a crossroads.

"We can either be the Empire the day before the invasion, thinking that we will live in peace forever and that treaties are unbreakable. Or we can be the Empire that has learned from its mistakes and will honor the sacrifices of the billions that died to give us the freedom that we now enjoy today.

"This bill on the floor today, understandably, has caused huge debates since it was first introduced. It will be costly, financially and possibly socially. However, this is the next step forward for the Empire. This will allow our children and beyond to have a future free from the servitude of the Federation. A future where we dominate this galaxy and the Federation fears us!

"We have, for over seven thousand years, endured hardship, tyranny, destruction, war after war, devastation on a galactic scale, and now we could be pulled apart by civil war. Not only does this bill expand the power of the military it gives us all, me and you all, the ability to wage war effectively. It will create a war machine that we haven't seen since the First World War. An army the PEOPLE can be proud of and respect. An army that the enemy will fear and tremble at the mention of its name!

"This is where we stand today! We stand on a planet soaked with the blood of those that died to defend it! Our blood has been spilled on other planets by the greatest enemy we will ever face! We have suffered billions of losses and now there are some among you that want to back down AGAIN! This bill will usher in a new age for the Empire and I'll be damned if anyone stands in the way of progress!

"We either make our stand now and show the Federation that we cannot be stopped. We cannot be defeated. That we, under any circumstances, will rise from the rubble and forge the Empire once again. If we do not… then I fear that we have already surrendered…"




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