Flora and Fauna of the Anean Star Empire

"I swear, the Empire has the most fucked up animals and plants and stuff. Walk in the forests of Haroma after sundown; guess what? You get kidnapped and raped by monsters. Fall asleep outside on Remnora; guess what happens? You get infested with a parasite thing. This is why I love my office."
- Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I

"I don't have a problem with these creatures. Hell, the Welhan Eagle seems to love me. Must be because my relative was first to domesticate them sort of."
- Former Emperor Welhan before getting attacked by 3 Welhan Eagles

Haroma III

Welhan Eagle

Length: 5'8"
Wingspan: 13'
Standing Height: 3'4"
Weight: 60 pounds

Average Lifespan: 70 years

Number in Wild: 215,500
Number in Captivity: 79,000 (they do make surprisingly good pets)

Description: Most of the eagles are all white with blue eyes. There are a few that are gray or even black. Despite the size of the eagle, if one was to train it from an early age (1-2 years, 5-10 in some cases) it will remain loyal to that person for life. They hunt by going up to 400 feet, picking a target, then dropping onto them at ~80 mph. (using a deer as an example) One claw would lock onto the back and immobilize it while the other one rips open the skull.

Rumors and Oddities: The talons, reportedly, can rip through GK-II armor though this hasn't been tested for obvious reasons.

Name: The name of the eagle came from General Welhan I in 1200 HY. He captured one and it was used in combat against the Haromian Empire. Since then, it has been known as the Welhan Eagle. It was also the first recorded use of a bird of prey in battle.

Common Uses: Most commonly they are used by hunters to track or help take down the bigger mammals of the planet. An AGF Legion uses them in combat when they can survive in the conditions of the battle.

Fun Facts:

  • General Welhan's eagle outlived him by 13 years
  • Emperor Welhan never had one, yet it is still an animal widely associated with his position in the pantheon
  • The eagle on the Anean flag is the Welhan Eagle


Height: Recorded at 9' (though it's probably more like 12-15', possibly more)
Weight: Estimated at 510 pounds

Average Lifespan: Unknown

Number in Wild: Unknown
Number in Captivity: None

Description: The Nighthaunt is a solely nocturnal inhabitant in the forests of Haroma. However, there are reports of attacks by creatures in grasslands and even in some of the smaller cities. During the day, they cannot be found. There is no evidence they were there, even after an attack. There are no known nests on the planet. The creature itself has been in folklore for thousands of years. Eyewitness reports say it is wolf like in appearance, all black, tall, muscular, bipedal, and with glowing red eyes. It is, however, definitely not a wraithwolf that people heard about from Earth.

Rumors and Oddities: There are also recent reports that say they take some people into the forests alive. Most people are killed though. Estimated death toll from the creature is around 15 million. This however doesn't count the unrecorded time after the nuclear war and pre-Haromian history. Some legends of the Nighthaunts portray them similar to werewolves from Earth.

Warning: Going into the forests of Haroma at night is NOT RECOMMENDED. To do so would more than likely result in death.

Name: The origin of the name is obvious.

Common Uses: To scare children and adults.

Not-so-Fun Facts:

  • There have been towns, even recently, that have formed a Nighthaunt Watch. However they seem to be the first to be killed or dragged off. No creature has been killed yet.

Lady's Angelica

Number in Wild: 196,000,000
Number in Homes: 310,000,000

Average Lifespan: 20 years

Description: This flower is found on top of a Heartstone deposit. The flower itself has 10 bright purple petals. The center of it is bright red. When they reach about 3 years old, the edge of the red center gets 20 small heartstones. Two for each petal. By age 10, the center of the flower is a large heartstone. The flower is one of the most valuable simply because of the heartstone within it. Of course, due to the rarity of the stone, the flower is rare as well. The flower also can live off a Heartstone deposit, but if picked before the stones grow on it, then they won't for the rest of its life.

Name: The name came from a Lady that found a field of them in ~1000 HY. At the time, the Heartstones were still unknown. The Lady, who was more than likely named Angelica, had the field preserved and ended up building a castle around it.

Common Uses: Mostly used for decoration. After they die, the stones are removed and used in jewelery.

Fun Facts:

Emperor Wasp

Length: Up to 13" (not counting stinger)
Stinger Length: 2", retractable
Weight: Up to 5 pounds

Average Lifespan: 2 years

Number in Wild: 700,000+
Number in Captivity: 45,000

Description: The largest of Anean stinging insects. Generally all black. It's the only known insect in the Empire that has a patriarchal hierarchy. Instead of a Queen, it has a King. In addition, scientists have found they have a "harem" as well. While not poisonous, they do have an extremely painful sting that deters most.

Rumors and Oddities: Some AGF units use the wasp in combat (not too successfully)

Fun Facts:

  • They are generally fairly docile and avoid humans
  • Some of the largest hives are underground and can cover over a square mile

Carnta VII


Length: Up to 7,000 feet
Weight: Up to 2,300 tons
Width: 400 feet

Average Lifespan: Unknown

Number in Wild: Unknown
Number in Captivity: 0

Description: A massive worm thing that lives on the ice world of Carnta. It's the ultimate predator on the planet. Its mouth has thousands of teeth. Each one has been reported as able to slice through GK-II armor. Little more is known about it because whoever sees it tends to end up dead.

Rumors and Oddities: It is believed that this worm is the reason the Federation cannot hold the planet for long after a war starts. It is also believed that they tend not to attack Aneans. The reason for this is unknown.

Name: The name origin is obvious

Common Uses: None

Not-so-fun Facts:

  • This worm once ate a Anean Mobile Command Center (400' long, 30' wide, 50' tall)

Remnora X


Length: 8"
Weight: 1-2 pounds

Average Lifespan: Varies by host; if hostless, 3 years

Number in Wild: 500,000+
Number in Captivity: 3,000 (zoos across the Empire mostly)

Description: A parasitic worm that is found in the vast forests of Remnora. Resembles a centipede, but the front has claw like things that are used to cut through the skin of a person. Though infection by them is uncommon now, they still remain a threat. The easiest to way to become infected is to sleep in the forests without shelter. The worms are able to cut their way under your skin without you knowing until you feel discomfort in the morning. Most people blame that on it just being the morning because by then the wound is closed.

Infection Process: When it gets in the body, it latches onto the spine and starts to lay up to 100 eggs within the person. The eggs, once laid incubate for 10 years before hatching. After hatching, most people don't notice anything strange at first. Up to 3 months later though, they will slice their way out and typically kill the host in the process. The parasite poses a threat to all organisms though. Non-sapient organisms have been infested and undergo the same process.

Warning: Do not attempt to eat the organism. The eggs within it are mature at all times and ingestion would result in them hatching in under 15 minutes. As soon as the stomach acid hits them, they will proceed to cut through you by any means necessary. It will be extremely painful and will kill you.

Name: It comes from Old Remnoran, but the translation is unknown.

Common Uses: In zoos

Not-so-fun Facts:

  • Symptoms of infestation are usually dismissed as being something else.
  • An x-ray can reveal them in the body. A simple surgery can remove them.
  • Emperor Welhan once was infested on his first visit to Remnora.


Height: Up to 600'
Weight: At least 500 tons

Average Lifespan: 6,000+ years

Number in Wild: Countless

Description: It's a giant tree that may be sentient. They look like almost any tree from Earth, but they have an unusual characteristic. Over time, the tree draws in elements from the soil and the center of the tree turns into the dominant element. For example, if it was over a gold deposit, the tree would eventually be made of pure gold (with the vital tree systems within of course). For obvious reasons, these trees can be extremely valuable. Some of the trees have prehensile vines that go from the top of the tree to the ground. Those are usually found on the most valuable trees for defense against anyone trying to cut it down.

Name: The name also comes from Old Remnoran and is unable to be translated.

Common Uses: The species is now protected against loggers, though there are people that tend to cut them down.

Fun Facts:

  • Rumors are that the tree has been found on other planets in the galaxy. None of these rumors are confirmed.

Creeper Fungus

Current Extent: 2,300 sq. mi.

Description: More of a slime mold than a fungus. It is a orange-red color and spreads rapidly. While it has only been found on Remnora, it poses a threat to anything. The Remnora Planetary Militia takes part in "cleaning" operations in some zones. A handful of cities had been evacuated due to potential infestation while the militia burned any of the approaching fungus.

Rumors and Oddities: The fungus thrives in any environment for an unknown reason.

Not-so-Fun Facts:

  • An ASF ship was once lost due to the infestation

Res'Ort IV


Height: 4'
Length: 5-6' not counting tail, 7'6" with tail
Weight: 310 pounds

Average Lifespan: 100 years

Number in Wild: 15.4 million
Number in Homes: 34.1 million

Description: The Reshan resembles a cross between a tiger, snow leopard, and lynx. They are feral and usually white or light grey. They are also domesticated and in homes all over the galaxy. However, only the most well off generally have them. The lowest price seen on one was around the equivalent of $5 million USD and have gone as high as $41 million USD. As long as they are kept in good conditions and treated well, they can live for 100 years. While it will attack someone if provoked (it rarely kills), it would probably snuggle someone to death first. Basically it's a big, fluffy, friendly cat.

Rumors and Oddities: Reshans are omnivores, but LOVE fruit.

Name: The name came from Old Federation, but, like the parasite on Remnora, the translation is unknown.

Common Uses: Just as a house pet.

Fun Facts:

Pudr V

Pudrian Guard Dog

Height: 6'
Length: 8-9' not counting tail, 10-11' with tail
Weight: 320 pounds

Average Lifespan: 160 years

Number in Wild: 8,500
Number in Captivity: 1

Description: Most of them are black or grey and resemble a large wolf. However, there are cybernetic implants all over the body. Position varies from individual to individual. However, they were never incorporated into the collective. Before the collapse of the Collective, they served a single Pudrian family for life. Many times they were used in war because of how deadly they are to most people. They have been known to scan a person before deciding its course of action.

Rumors and Oddities: The only known dog in captivity belongs to IX and is the only example of Pudrian "tech" surviving in the Core Worlds. It's developed a bond with IX, the Legion, and IX's family. It also acts more like a regular dog (as in really really friendly) than a Pudrian infested "abomination". Most can also speak because of the implants.

Name: Origin of name is obvious

Fun Facts:

Azizos III

Deep Dweller

Height: ~10'
Weight: 820 pounds

Average Lifespan: Unknown

Number in Wild: ~600,000
Number in Captivity: 0

Description: Deep below the supercity of Azizos III the Deep Dweller thrives. Down there, in the absolute darkness, it preys on the humans and anthros that stray from the settlements dotting the undercity. Over time, they have developed nightvision of sorts because, as IX has said, the undercity is darker than dark. The creature itself is pale with smooth skin. It has been reported to have anywhere from 4 to 8 eyes. The claws can tear a person apart in no time at all.

Name: Origin of name is obvious

Not-so-fun facts:

  • They avoid all light.
  • There are confirmed rumors of breeding with the creatures

Talon IV

Desert Scorpion

Length: ~1"
Weight: 12 grams

Average Lifespan: 4 years

Number in Wild: Unknown
Number in Captivity: 5,000

Description: The Desert Scorpion is a small and deadly creature native to Talon. They, instead of living in the oppressive heat of the planet, burrow underground during the day. They are generally a dark tan or black. They come out at night usually, though there have been daylight attacks. Their poison has been recorded as able to kill a Haromian in 10 seconds.

Rumors and Oddities: Talonians seem to be immune to the poison and it may be used as a cure for some of their diseases.

Not-so-Fun Facts:

  • The scorpion posed a threat to AGF soldiers during the Third Federation War. Roughly 3,000 soldiers were killed from the scorpions.

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