Former Emperor Welhan
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Basic Information

Full Name: Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan
Status: Deceased

Title: Former Emperor
Age: Over 4000
Political Stance: Far Right Authoritarian
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Religion: Anean Pantheon

Gender: Male
Height: 8'
Weight: 310 pounds
Species: Human - Haromian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White

Nationality: The Kingdom of Anea
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire

Weapon of Choice: Class B Assault Rifle
Melee Weapon of Choice: The Harbinger (Sword)

Emperor Welhan is an odd figure in imperial history. He officially died in about 4055 HY, but took the throne in about 6970 HY. There have also been confirmed deaths of him during the First Federation War, in the middle of the Empire's Golden Age, the Great Galactic War, and then the final one that resulted in Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I taking over.

Research into the background of Welhan, as well as Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I ordering ADNI to release the documents, revealed that, in fact, it was not but a single person, rather many people that acted as him. Whenever one of the Welhans died, another took his place and kept the feeling of immortality in place. When one died in the First Federation War, and then another took his place shortly after, it only strengthened the legend of a god emperor.

Despite this revelation, Emperor Welhan is still revered as a key figure to the Empire and is still thought of as a single person, since the beliefs and ruling methods never changed until the final emperor (which ruled for 300 years and was known for the genocides and war crimes.


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