The Founders of Furluania

The following is a brief history of the state of Faxany, and the story of the Founders of the Federation of Furluania, Exeter Notara and Arineta Pavliva.

In Foxhood Year 4853 (congruent to 1587 CE), a group of political and religious refugees left Foxhood for the territory of Faxas, on the island to the south, as Foxhood began to plunge itself into a bitter civil war. The reasons for that war, and the fate of the ancient Faxans, were lost in history. Using only sturdy but unpowered rafts, after a few days of rowing they made it around Cape Florence to the abandoned settlement of New Florence. The day after they landed and began planning to rebuild New Florence for their own settlement, a gale destroyed all their rafts, cutting all 14,783 of them off forever from Foxhood. No lives were lost in the relatively short journey to New Florence, but the storm afterward killed 9.

The first few years, life was hard. But eventually, they learned how to deal with the cooler conditions of their new home and they flourished. They broke with the old ways of Foxhood by renaming the land they settled on "Faxany". Over the next 200 or so years, they explored the mountail to their west, Mount Athos, and expanded their lands to the two major rivers that flanked Mount Athos: the D'Artagnan and Athos Rivers.

Further exploration, however, would change their civilization forever. After crossing the Porthos River in 1783, the Faxans came across a different race: the Genisians, a diverse race of large canines. For several years, the two races would learn more about each other. However, there was a small establishment within Faxany, a group named "Kokkino Labidas", that sought not to deal with the other race. They wanted the entire land solely for Faxany. So they covertly meddled in affairs, leading to a misunderstanding that nearly plunged the island into war.

In the winter of 1793, the leadership of Genis and Faxany agreed to each send one representative to the valley between Mount Athos and Mount Porthos to discuss the affairs of the two nations and try to work out some sort of cooperative agreement to ensure peace between the two peoples. Genis sent Arineta Pavliva, a Rottweiler woman and one of their most respected scholars and philosophers. Faxany sent Exeter Notara, one of their respected scholars, but also a recruit of Kokkino Labidas.

Fate has a way of intervening. The past several Winters were particularly cold, and the Winter of 1793, perhaps symbolic of the times, was the coldest yet. A cabin had been built not far from the confluence of the D'Artagnan River, and Arineta was the first to arrive and set it up. A few hours later, a crash was heard nearby. Arineta rushed out to investigate, and found Exeter pinned in the branches of a fallen tree, unconscious. She dug him out and carried him to the cabin.

Exeter remained unconscious for nearly two days before finally coming to. During that time, Arineta tended his wounds and made sure he was warm. When he woke up, Exeter had several cracked back ribs, a broken right arm, and was suffering from partial amnesia; he had forgotten several weeks of his memory, including both his official and secret missions, and anything about Kokkino Labidas. Their mission was forgotten altogether for a time, and the harsh winter snowed them in, trapping them for the duration.

Stuck up in the highlands of the island, the two exchanged ideas, stories and legends from their people, learning each other's histories, and discovering far more common ground than either race had ever imagined. They also developed a personal rapport and attachment to each other. As the storms kept them trapped far longer than they expected, the two eventually became lovers.

As spring arose in October, a summit of the leaders of both sides was called near their retreat site. There, Exeter and Arineta told of their mini-adventure and what they learned of each other. The two sides decided to take their cooperation even further with a formal federation of the races, and called for a Charter Convention at the confluence area that Summer.

The news made everyone happy on both sides, and Exeter and Arineta spoke for unity at the settlements of both lands and the unorganized Terra Nova lands between that Spring, beginning first in the Genisian Capital, Austrovest. Once they got to New Florence, however, tragedy struck. Having learned of the fate of their operative, and the accident that destroyed their plan, Kokkino Labidas made a reactionary plot: assassinate both the envoys.

During their rally at New Florence's ancient Pantheon on November 24, 1793, a marble building built by the original Foxhood settlers and still standing when Faxany was established, a KL operative jumped the stage and stabbed Exeter in the heart. Before he could get Arineta, however, she grabbed his wrist so fast he couldn't get his dagger out of Exeter. She snapped the assassin's wrist, then grabbed his head and twisted it, snapping his neck. At the very least, Exeter's assassin would die before him.

Exeter ended up dying in Arineta's arms, the dagger left in his heart the only reason he didn't die instantly. But before he expired, Arineta placed his paw on her stomach and told him he would go on. Shortly before arriving in New Florence, she found out she was pregnant. Exeter was only 29 when he died.

The assassin was identified, and his body was thrown in Florence Bay to be eaten by marine predators. Exeter Notara was given a state funeral, and then buried in the settlement of Australia, where he was born. The settlement was renamed Saint Exeter in his honor.

The assassination of Exeter only solidified the resolve of Genis and Faxany to overcome their differences. Arineta Pavliva was elected President of the Charter Convention on December 15, 1793, and a federation between them took shape. The site was named D'Artagnan, after the river that formed there, and became the capital of the new nation of Furlania. The central lands would be developed as cosmopolitan lands shared by both races, eventually to be carved into their own states. A bicameral representive parliament was formed. The Charter of Furluania was signed on April 8, 1794, and ratified by both Genis, Faxany, and the settlements of Saint Exeter, Cape Constance and Port Winter on June 6 of that year.

Elections for the first Federal Council were held on October 17, 1794. The Federal Tribunal was originally selected by territorial governments. The Parliament opened its first five-year Congress at Saint Exeter on November 23, and Arineta elected the first Prime Councillor, serving three terms (15 years) before taking a permanent seat in the Federal Tribunal, the upper house of Parliament (today the Federal Quintibunal, since there are now five states instead of two states and the Terra Nova). The Second Congress opened at the new Capitol Building in D'Artagnan on November 24, 1799.

Arineta Pavliva died of pneumonia in Austrovest on July 5, 1828, at the age of 62. Her body was preserved on the coastal slopes of Mount Porthos over the winter, then she was given a state funeral at D'Artagnan before being buried in a place of honor at the Santa Arineta Memorial Garden, on the south side of the D'Artagnan River confluence, on September 30, 1828. At the time of her burial, Exeter Notara's remains were exhumed and moved from Saint Exeter to D'Artagnan, to be interred at her side. His crypt in Saint Exeter was replaced by a massive memorial and statue. A new settlement, located where her body was kept over that winter, was named Santa Arineta.

On November 22, 1829, Accalia Notara Pavliva, Exeter and Arineta's daughter, took office as the first Member of Council representing Santa Arineta.

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