FoxRail Is a Major rail Company located within FoxTropica, It operates the High-Speed FoxRail Network Throughout FoxTropica.


FoxRail Was founded in 1963, Prior to FoxRail, Rail Travel in FoxTropica was handled by The FoxTropican National Railway group, Rail Travel was fairly slow, Most business trips across the nation had to be taken By plane, And were very expensive.
FoxRail Completely changed this, After FoxCo purchased The FoxTropican national Railway group, it completely destroyed Existing lines, and many stations, and Built Newer, High speed rail lines, As well as introducing new train types.
This High Speed Rail network changed FoxTropica Forever, For the first time in the nations history, There was a high speed, cheap way to cross the nation.
Shortly after the Rail network opened in late 1963, FoxRail had taken a large amount of Traffic away from the airlines, FoxTropican Airlines Reduced the number of flights from Akita City by almost 70%.

Train Types

FoxRail Has operated One main Train type Across its network,The FoxRail Class 52 "Corsac" with major modifications to Its Construction, Allowing the train to go from a Maximum speed of 220 Km/H, To 280 Km/H Across its lifetime. A%20Train.png


All FoxRail Trains are equipped with ATC Systems, as well as A Track-Clipping mechanism, Which Doubles as an emergency brake.
As Of 1963, Only 3 Trains have De-Railed On the FoxRail line, With no fatalities Resulting from De Railings
All FoxRail Trains are protected against Impacts with Living Beings, Who Either Fall, Or in some rare cases, Jump In front of, FoxRail Trains, Which can cause severe damage to the train at high speeds.
Because of this, The Train is fitted with a high-speed impact Sensor near the windows, which will apply the brakes if the window is breached, in case the Trains operator is injured and cannot manually apply the brakes.

FoxRail And the military.

In the event of an attack on FoxTropica, The FoxRail network and trains can be converted For military use rapidly, With Guns attached to the Roof, or fired from the windows, the Trains make a highly effective High-Speed Transport, Although, The Air-force maintains a Small transport division in the event the network is rendered unusable.

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