Federation of Furluania
furluania.jpg The Federation of Furluania

Designation: FL
Government System: Devolved Federal Democratic Republic
Population: 80 million

Ethnic Make Up

Vulpine: 24.6%
Canine: 27.5% (Heavy working breeds; largely Rottweilers, St. Bernards, Mastiffs)
Mixed heritage: 47.9%


The canine population of Furluania is considered aboriginal, and its origin is lost in history. It's probably a lost group of explorers from somewhere on the main continent. They originally settled in what is now Austrovest. The vulpine population descended from a large group of refugees that left the old nation of Foxhood before its civilization was destroyed around 425 years ago. They largely stayed on the east coast, slowly exploring further west. The two peoples finally met definitively in the late 1700s, with a tense and oft-provoked existence until the events of leading to the Charter in the winter of 1793 (summer at the Furry Fed latitude). Acts of God influenced a high-level diplomatic mission, leading directly to the unification of the two civilizations, culminating in the signing of the Charter of D'Artagnan on April 8, 1794, and the founding of the Federation of Furluania.



Prime Councillor: Kitchkinet Netami, MC-Cape Constance (Head of Government, de facto Head of State)


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Upper House: Federal Quintibunal (equal vote; originally the Federal Tribunal, before number of states went to five in 1894)
Lower House: Federal Council (proportional representation)


Constitution: The written Constitution is the "Charter of Federation and Joint Administration for the States of Faxany, Genis, and the Terra Nova", signed April 8, 1794. It is referred to in general use as the "Charter of D'Artagnan".
Government: Parliamentary Democracy.
Military: Military, essentially, does not exist.
Civil Service: Controlled by the Prime Councillor's government, run by the ministers
Judical: Judges selected by Prime Councillor with Council approval, serves on good behavior. (OOC: still fleshing out judicial system ideas)
Security Forces: Police force led by appointed Commander-in-Chief, reports to Prime Councillor, serves with a mandate renewable every five years
Ministers: Selected by Prime Councillor from among elected Members of Council.

Electoral System(s)

Federal Council: Elected to five-year terms, proportional districting, first-past-the-post
Federal Quintibunal: Each state elects three at-large Members of the Quintibunal (MQ), to five-year terms.
State councils: Vary in form of government
Local councils: Elected, terms may vary



Genis and Faxany are the original native lands. The "Nova" states were originally the "Terra Nova", an unorganized land originally governed directly from the capital of D'Artagnan. They were carved into their present form and devolved in 1894.

Lake Athos is administered directly by the Federal government. It was formed by the damming of the Athos River. It was later discovered that the basin was an ancient meteorite crater, and that the Upper Athos River originally flowed more south, instead of into the main Athos River.

Only the capitals are named. There are many more settlements, such as Athos Colony on the south point of Lake Athos, Cape Constance on the NB side of the D'Artagnan River delta, Port Winter on the NO side of the Winter River delta, and others.


The national heroes of Furluania are the diplomats of a Winter 1793 meeting, Genisian female Arineta Pavliva and Faxan male Exeter Notara, referred to together as "The Founders". Exeter was assassinated in New Florence shortly after the mission ended by Faxan elements that were against racial cooperation. Arineta went on to become the united federation's first leader, and their descendants continue to be important and revered figures on the island. Statues commemorating their memories are widespread, and their tomb in D'Artagnan is a point of pilgrimage.

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