Gallegos is a mid-size main-sequence star system with several planets. One of which is semi-habitable.

Gallegos II

Gallegos II is a semi-habitable planet in the Gallegos system which is inhabited by a hylozoic civilization consisting of the Gomi species and their planetary superbeing known as "Tourboullion".
Gallegos II is a highly carbonaceous planet which has historically been used as a "landfill planet" by several other interstellar civilizations over the ages. This has resulted in an extremely high saturation of carbon-bearing substances from the decomposition of plastics and other substances throughout the planet.
Because of this unique artificial supply of materials: the planet has a very odd ecosystem which is dependent on processes which are normally considered to be malignant to most conventionally habitable planets.


  • 22% Oxygen
  • 25% CO2
  • 5% Water
  • 40% Nitrogen
  • 8% Sulphur Hexaflouride

Geological Composition


  • 45% Carbon
  • 34% Iron
  • 18% Silicates
  • 3% Other


  • 20% Carbon
  • 40% Silicates
  • 25% Iron
  • 10% Uranium
  • 5% Other
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