Givig Um Civ Dynasty

With the death of Lilumeleate II, Pargalo was once again without a monarch and also in the throws of civil war. A number of the lords of Pargalo were pushing for a disillusion of the nation, or the establishment of an otherwise different system. When the election that would select the new king was finally had, it was combined with an agreement by the aristocracy that only candidates whom endorsed a sharing of power between a council of lords and the king would be eligible. This council of lords would over time develop into the parliament of Pargalo.

The first king of the new dynasty was Givig Um'Civ, an elderly feline knight whom had fought against the tyranny of Lilumeleate II for most of his life. Among his first acts was the establishment of the Pargalonian Council of Lords and Mayors. The lords didn't much care for the addition of the leaders of the three free cities of Pargalo, but did out number them greatly so accepted the plan.

The Um Civ dynasty was one of the longer lasting royal lines, lasting from 957 to 1459. Other than the establishment of the proto-parliament, the dynasty is credited with reviving the scholarly emphasis of Lilumeleate I and pushing literacy past 60%, creating the Public Works Guild that built the first water and sewage systems in Pargalo since pre-Glorvan times, and starting the first national census project. The census project made taxing the lands and people much more fair, which in turn lead to great economic growth. This economic growth would spur Pargalo to become a major trade destination in the 1400 and 1500s.

The Election

Of the candidates put forth, only one refused to establish a council of lords. That being the candidate from House Wild. Most of the voting centered around which candidate could be trusted to carry out their promise. After much deliberation between the lords, it was decided that Givig Um'Civ and Tutass Mok had credibility in granting the lords equal power to the king in governing the whole of the nation. Tutass Mok was the cousin of Lord Mok, whom had killed Lilumeleate II in personal combat. As Lord Mok was one of the nominating lords, he could not be nominated despite great popularity. Givig Um'Civ had also been at the battle of Quam with Lord Mok. Givig Um'Civ won the day as the lesser lords feared Tutass Mok, even if she was able to create a lords council, would likely give great deference to Lord Mok and his family in the rules of such a council.

Givig Um Civ Dynasty

957-963 - Givig Um'Civ
963-1010 - Um'Civ I
1010-1033 - Um'Sal I
1033-1084 - Um'Sal II
1084-1114 - Rollvox IV
1114-1159 - Rastabar III
1159-1169 - Um'Civ II
1169-1197 - Emlez VII
1197-1256 - Um'Civ III
1256-1276 - Um'Sal III
1276-1305 - Mo'Halta III
1305-1344 - Rollvox V
1344-1392 - Emlez VIII
1392-1415 - Rollvox VI
1415-1429 - Mo'Halta IV
1429-1459 - Rollvox VII

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