Hcota is a planet about 1/6th the size of Earth which is inhabited by a dinosaurian species.
The population is about 1.1 Billion. With three modern nation-states and a single superpower (The Kohtohkhan Republics of Hcota).
The majority of the population is atheist at least partially due to physiology, however the single dominant form of spirituality on Hcota is Ghitavism, an non-theocentric set of philosophies which find spiritual meaning in numbers and geometry similar to that of the Pythagoreans of Ancient Greece.
Despite the stereotype that reptillian sapients are inherently war-like, the Hcotians are simply isolationist and quiet. They have never directly had an armed conflict with another people on another planet, even when they were ruled by a (reletively) imperialist dictator.
The planet is surrounded by a somewhat thick radiation belt which has prevented them from advancing very far in local spaceflight (except for robotic probes and satellites).
Their single method of space travel is through atmosphere-to-atmosphere Axial Space Travel.

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