Heaven Stones

Heaven stones are a technology developed by monks at the Shuey Baw monastery and put to use by the government of Ciata to both be used as a health benefit to its users (primarily aristocratic persons or warriors) and as weapons. Heaven stones are complex devices that work off principles similar to those used by System Equation Computers but instead of being the sole hardware component, they make use of the user's own neurological network to complete the system. As such, heaven stones not attached to a supplemental network are inert and harmless.


Use of the heaven stones has been wide spread in Ciata for many decades but was not put to full use until the collapse of Shimandu and an attempt at factions to enter Ciata. Heaven stones have to some extent played a role in Ciatan spiritual life as being seen as an expression of the divine's power being used for good. This belief played well into the mythos surrounding Sicarii whom stole an experimental heaven stone as the powers that be in Ciata classified Sicarii as a 'demon' misusing the divine power.

The last use of the heaven stones in Ciata took place during the rebellion and attack on the Shuey Baw monastery. Several stones were destroyed in the use of an anti-nuclear pattern disruption beam in order to provide power and to create a ethropodic pulse to alter the structure of nuclear fuel. A later attempted use of the stones in conjunction with a system equation based computation device was prevented in Tinis.


Biological Interactions

When used by living beings that pass stringent physical and psychological testing, users gained several abnormal abilities:

  • Better health, increased immune response, and longer life span
  • Increased reaction time
  • Increased strength and speed
  • Varying levels of energy manipulation of the pattern type

The energy manipulation is by far the most spectacular use of the heaven stones. An observer might see a user of the heaven stones seem to toss out bolts of energy from their paw or create a shield around themselves seemingly out of nothing. However, research has shown that a majority of the effects are created by shifting probability matrices in the surrounding environment, causing background energy to be motivated in a shaped form. This manipulation, seemingly defying entropy, is only possible by the solution to an yet unresolved take on the System Equation that requires the use of a living system. Usually the result of excessive energy manipulation results in the user tiring. Having more than one heaven stone implanted in a user's body typically results in the ability to manipulate more energy using the stones. The stones do themselves contain energy reserves locked in micro-capacitors, but such storage requires biological input to be filled.

Use of heaven stones by those whom were unable to pass testing typically results in the creation of unstable personalities, psychological disorders, or physical harm to the user. The most well known example of this being the use of a stone by Sicarii whom maintained his intelligence and health and was able to make full use of the stone's abilities but became psychopathic. Long term use of the stone eventually lead to further psychological degradation as well as possible sensitivity to the use of other system equation based devices (such as a Pattern Defense System).

Computer Interactions

So far there have been two known occurrences of interactions between computer systems and heaven stones.

  • Anti-nuclear Pattern Disruption Beam - Stones were used (and in the process destroyed) as energy and processing units for the beam. Stones had been removed from monks and others prior to usage in the system and thus maintained some of their residual charge. At least one full stone and several fragments were recovered by Tinis intelligence operatives during the testing of the beam.
  • Incident P-6 - A fragment of a heaven stone was used in the central computer system of a prototype Pattern Defense System computer that was linked up with its near by manipulation engine. The result of this resulted in a number of reality distorting effects and created increases in the local fields of several upper physics particles. Attempted use of a full stone was thwarted, resulting in one death, one near death, a number of arrests, a full review of the Tinisian military, and an impeachment trial.
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