Hiyike Andertol

Hiyike Andertol addressing the upper-house in his typical manner.

Sudo to the Apparateur of the Federal Tajirates Of Miokalia
In office: 2006-present

Born: 1975 in Nebraska
Political Stance: Pragmatic Centrist
Species: Isoraptoridae Allosauroidichus
Eye Color: Yellow

Early years

Hiyike Andertol and his family lived in the town of Granite in the United States until they were apprehended by a branch of the CIA under suspicion of being Furry Soviet Spies. They were held in a residential surveillance prison (a facility which appears to be a gated apartment complex). Andertol's father was primarily suspected because of his dissemination of Communist-sympathizing materials through a local newspaper. His mother was found to have numerous volumes on the topics of communism and Marxism.
During his time in the prison, Hiyike was subjected to novel psychological torture and conditioning-based methods of interrogation at the age of 5. They were released in 1981, when US President Ronald Reagan shut down the program because of it's poor performance in gaining intelligence and questionable tactics against mostly everyday people.

Involvement in the Dadaist Watermelon Party

After moving to Miokalia, Andertol was coerced by some friends to join a public art collective known as the Dadaist Watermelon Party which would create comical and preposterous canidates and then creatively lobby to have them placed on ballots.
Andertol fabricated a canidate, and orchestrated public rallies consisting of flash-mobs to support him. And in 1993, his fabricated canidate: Doctor Quigley R. Snygyu actually won a local election. This created a problem since the canidate didn't actually exist.
The election commission attempted to pursue the Dadaist Party for election tampering, which led Andertol to begin a series of creative demonstrations which proved to be highly entertaining. The election commission decided to let it go and offered Andertol a position as a Election Judge.

As the Speaker of the Turgid Shower Seat

Andertol continued to declare his political affiliation with the Dadaists even as an Election Judge (whom is supposed to be unaffiliated).
Giving himself the title as the Turgid Shower Seat of the Dadaist Watermelon Party, he proved to actually be the most effective, if not strangest Election Judge in his home district of Holyoke. Having busted several occurances of attempted fraud, he became known as the "caped madman" of the polls. Often addressing coercive politicians with acts of creative misanthropy bordering on illegality.

As Manager of the Chair for Dictator Campaign

For a short time, Andertol partnered with Sccishav Laxliu for his "Chair for Dictator" campaign which involved running a regular dining room chair for the Federal Government head position of Secretary Tajir. However, they soon had a falling-out when the two had a severe disagreement of politics and intent for this escapade.


Andertol did not go through Tertiary School as all students in Miokalia typically do, because he was out of the country at the time.
The highest equivalent grade level of school he achieved was Tertiary Freshman (grade 13). However on the General Placement Assessment Type A (Miokalia's equivalent to the SAT in the United States), his composite score was apparently 40 out of a possible 50 which places him in the 98th percentile of test-takers. The exact reason why he has not attended even undergraduate education is the subject of some mystery. However, he has been militantly supportive of the public education system in Miokalia and his policies towards it have made it among some of the best funded in the world.

Military Intelligence Career

For a short time in the mid 90's, Hiyike was involved with the DDPA, a black-ops civil defense bureau which conducted investigations and 'target acquisition' operations.

As a Professional Red Herring

Andertol's psychology made him perfectly suited to the job of distraction. As an undercover agent, he would behave oddly and suspiciously and draw attention away from other operatives and the real mission. This involved taking extraordinary measures to try to escape apprehension, often very visibly. Upon apprehension however, it would be evident that he actually knew nothing and would appear to be nothing more than a rambling, and paranoid, psychologically-disturbed individual with an educational visa.
On only one occasion did he have to physically escape from custody, as they were planning to kill him to get him out of the way.
According to Andertol's statement, he told his captors he was studying nuclear science and that a contraption he quickly assembled during his imprisonment, which consisted of a fire alarm duct-taped to a tape player, was a dirty bomb and that he would detonate it via a thermometer in his rectum (presumably acting as a dead-man's switch) or manually by pressing "play".
The first guard believed him after he became uncomfortable with Andertol waving the "bomb" around his face and let him go.
He then claims to have beaten a hole through some drywall and then escaped into a neighbors apartment, where he called emergency services and claimed that some thugs had burst through the wall and were going through possessions.

He then removed a drawer from the bedroom vanity and threw it across the room. Causing, as he puts it, "mostly condoms and perhaps some lipstick" to be strewn across the master bedroom. He then escaped through the second-story window and sprinted to safety.

As an Interrogator

Andertol was eventually called to perform interrogations for a short time for some of the more unusual 'persons of interest' for DDPA.
His interrogation style was described in records as "Fundamentally Psychotic".
He was known to spend hours making nonsensical and bizzare accusations at subjects, usually they were completely unrelated to the facts they were trying to get from them. At one point, it worked, after a 32-hour long marathon of these unrelated and fabricated accusations and questions, the subject apparently revealed the actual item they were searching for.
However, he was also known to fly into a rage and physically assault subjects if they were unresponsive to his tactics, and often had to be removed for fear of actually killing the subject.

Additional Activities

The majority of Andertol's other activities while an operative for the DDPA are classified.

The Lory War

Andertol was involved in the so-called "Lory War" in Atrias, where he demonstrated against the highly unpopular demolition of the Lory Neighborhood, widely considered to have been decided upon to "remove an eyesore" in anticipation of a prestigious summit later that year. The neighborhood was demolished, but his demonstrations got the attention of then-district Ombudsman-Arbitrator Dyiyot (now a cheif justice), which allowed for the former residents to bring suit against the City.

As Sudo to the Apparateur - Blinn

Andertol was appointed to the position of Sudo to the Apparateur by the Phong Administration in 2006. From about 2003 to 2007, Miokalia was in an economic crisis caused by the government's loss of power over it's various regulatory systems. Corruption was woven into every piece of legislation to the point where it had become overt, and the financial system had sold out to foreign, private interests and was reporting bogus data that was misleading the public.
Apptr. BL1NN, and S.Tajir Phong appointed Andertol to "clean up" the situation.
Which he promptly began to do. Taking on the government's side of things first.
As his first order of business, he brought a huge bowl of potato-salad to the Upper-House and then apparently locked all of the senators in there with him.
He then listed some demands and spent about 2 hours with them before apparently allowing most of them to leave. He then spent another 22 hours with a small handful of senators. Whom he coerced into resigning, at the threat of having a unofficial corruption law brought against them which he apparently drafted the night before.
Andertol's so-called "Apparateurial Directorate" was apparently a ruse and never made into law. There were several aspects to it that were unconstitutional.

Canidate for Secretary-Tajir

In 2009, Andertol ran for the position of Secretary-Tajir. His campaign was initially very wacky and included a number of bizarre promises such as "requiring that all legislators in the lower house be under the influence of powerful psychedelic drugs while conducting business". Andertol initially intended the campaign to be a joke to assist Socialist canidate Risa Strachan against the rest of her party. However, the public seemed to call his bluff and he gained even more support due to his nonsensical and clearly satirical statements. He eventually did attend a debate, and reportedly surprised other canidates by being completely civil and answering cross examinations with highly detailed explanations based on solid fact. He accused other canidates of "relying too much on rhetoric to solve problems to which rhetoric is irrelevant". He also accused the hardline socialist canidates of having a "Tax-and-Take" platform consisting of "inventing new ways to siphon-off public money into their own pockets under the guise of welfare systems".
When asked to prove it. Andertol apparently unfolded a large print out of a diagram of the National Pension System prior to his taking office. The diagram, as it turns out, was actually an official one created by that department itself.
He then pointed out various places where money had been siphoned off and referred to pages and sections of the legislation which allowed for it.
At several points during his presentation, the debate judge told him time was up, to which Andertol briefly responded with, "No sir, this issue needs to be addressed right now."
His presentation was concluded with the statement that canidate Risa Strachan was the only canidate he trusted to not build more "Tax-and-Take" bureaucracy, and that he wasn't really at all interested in running for the position of Secretary-Tajir.

Vuela Konig partnered with Andertol when his Biszlocsun Party forced him to continue to run for the position. With only 30% support however, no party had a majority and Andertol couldn't seem to get any further, so they switched places and Andertol endorsed Konig as a replacement, citing that "This whole 'run Andertol for Tajir' thing is really just an attempt to create a power struggle in the party, and if this party is having power struggles, then clearly it has forgetten what it's about."
Vuela Konig won the election and Andertol remained Sudo to the Apparateur. Shortly afterward, Apparateur Doroy BL1NN stepped down and 4D13 Qualt was elected Apparateur.

As Sudo to the Apparateur - Qualt

Hiyike's unique profile was of interest to the Malych Administrative Pool, who conducted a long and arduous psychological observation on him without his actual knowing. In 2003, when Halderyyt P40N6 took office as the first inorganic Secretary-Tajir (equivalent to Prime Minister), he appointed Hiyike Andertol to the position of Sudo to the Apparateur, a position which acts as an arbitrator and moderator between the elected Secretary-Tajir and the dictatorial, inorganic Apparateur. Hiyike had always 'gotten along' with Malych fairly easily, while often having heightened territorial anxiety with his own species. Thus he felt fairly comfortable in the position which somewhat alienated him from his own species.

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