Holostrand Space

Also known by "Sifus's Gift" or "Everdark".

Similar to the Axial drive, it causes the vessel to become nearly 2-dimensional during linearization (thus Holo) and also uses the same clamp method, but instead of clamping to a small handful of existing "strands" between two points, it can induce the creation of several strands in superposition between two exact points, which makes the process increasingly more energetic.

Known Problems: When dealing with the much higher charges associated with this, which is infinitesimally close to +/-6 dorons, the speed of light becomes so preposterously high, and it's fluctuations so pronounced, that the interactions of these fluctuations with the carruthian field around the ship become more visible, making it possible to see through the otherwise completely opaque field boundry.

This makes it possible to see the universe pass by in the perspective of transposed dimensions. Underlying structures and unseen things become visible. Everything that is familiar becomes paper-thin. It's like looking at a holograph through a microscope, you see the pits and interference patterns that make the "image" one sees normally.

These unseen things manifest themselves in the form of fractal entities that are extremely dangerous to those who are not accustomed with dealing with them.
The Sifisians use an unknown method of shielding their vessel, so that their perception does not extend to the outside of it (the 'Gift' part of the name), whereas others have adapted their consciousnesses to the strange environment, negating its effects.

Its effects on the uninitiated and unprotected, however, are most devastating.

The entities are best described as fractal patterned memetic viruses, creatures/patterns that invade the perceptions of another being, riding those perceptions into our perceived reality. The mathematics of them, the patterns, will replicate, either on their own, or by forcing the victim to write them. When the fractal pattern has saturated an area enough, the entity is capable of entering into our reality through a physical form that is capable of wielding immense power, drawing from the fabric of reality itself.

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