Human Lands

The Human Lands are parts of the world populated almost exclusively by homo sapiens. The near exclusion of non-humans populations is an oddity to many and has caused some to believe that in prehistoric times humans either forced out or killed off the other intelligent species of these other continents, leaving the Furry continent as the sole remaining Earth land mass with substantial numbers of non-humans. Others believe that humans were the norm over much of the world but that Furries developed only on the one continent later after human populations came to rule the rest of the globe, or even that they forced out the humans early on. In fact there are many places where finding humans is incredibly hard to do.

OOC Notes

For ease in dealing with other regions outside the Furry Federation and to prevent the need to create a lot of background on the human lands one can assume that they are effectively the same as the real life lands and nations of Earth. Thus making the Furry Federation continent the 'oddity' in this time line.

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