Isto (1714-1933), was a Pargalonian Dragon born in the Kingdom of Pargalo where he spent most of his life. He was married to Piecia and had at least three children in that union.


Isto's family held firm to a tradition of defending the Kingdom of Pargalo from its enemies, foreign and domestic. Several of his ancestors were personal guards of kings and queens. The earliest believed ancestors of Isto were Ivortral (210-832) and Glorivixs (153-999). However some records dispute Ivortral ever marrying someone named Glorivixs, instead mating with Mertivixs (148-539). Ivortral was executed by Lilumeleate II in 832. Glorivixs died of unknown causes and Mertivixs was strangled by her brother.

In either case, Ivorglora (532-1598) was the son of Ivortral and best known for being a friend and later guard of King Emlez VI. Ivorglora would continue as a servant of Lilumeleate I. Istavotla (499-1421), however, took his place as chief guard for Lilumeleate II. Istavotla's parentage is unknown. Ivortral's efforts to convince Istavotla of Lilumeleate II's evil eventually lead to their marriage in 1039, which was officiated by Um'Sal II. Ivortral and Istavotla had many children, the youngest of which was Delroisto (1130-1820).

Delroisto married Galragix (1020-1960) in 1673 after several previous marriages to non dragons. Despite her parent's disagreements, they taught Delroisto the combat arts of their forbears and she became a guardian of the realm and the king from 1276 until her death. Galragix hailed from a powerful dragon house to the far east of the ice covered wastes having escaped an attempted arranged marriage. Galragix renounced any claim to his house before marrying Delroisto. They had two children, Delragar (1699-?) and Isto. Delroisto died in battle during the failed attack on Zarx by the Bean Conspiracy. Galragix died of complications due to massive injuries suffered in the Tinisian civil war.

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