Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun I

Basic Information

Full Name: Isaiah Emanuel Severin Gennadi Xaimoungkhoun
Status: Deceased

Title: Guardian of the Anean Star Empire
Other Titles:

  • Hero of the Anean Star Empire
  • Savior of the Remnoran Republic
  • Caliph of Agebbo
  • Grand Duke of Haroma

Age: 243
Political Stance: Centrist
Birthdate: January 11, 1987
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: Anean Pantheon

Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 254 pounds
Species: Human - Terran
Eye Color: Heterochromatic

  • Right: Blue
  • Left: Green

Hair Color: White

Nationality: United States
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire
Ancestry: Russian, German, Jewish, Chinese

Net Worth: $1 Trillion Anean Dollars

Weapon of Choice: Class B Assault Rifle
Melee Weapon of Choice: The Harbinger (Sword)



IX lived a hard life on the streets of Los Angeles. Over the course of 18 years, he committed various petty crimes. However it culminated in the murder of 3 people. He was almost arrested, but the morning the police raided his house for him, he escaped and was recruited by Emperor Welhan for the TEL.

More than likely, he cannot enter the US today without the possibility of being arrested.

Early TEL

IX underwent 2 months of initiation before Major Rio finally welcomed him into the Legion. With Rio's approval, Emperor Welhan made IX a Lt. Colonel. With the new rank, IX was the commander of the Emperor's Legion.

They carried out various missions across the galaxy ranging from the interception of smugglers to attacking lightly defended Federation worlds. The Emperor was trying to get a war started with the Federation at the time. The Legion knew it and they carried out their orders all the same.

When the Remnant War broke out though, he fought the Pudrians across the galaxy. During one of the last battles, he was captured and almost assimilated into the Collective. Major Rio rescued him though and managed to sneak IX past the Inquisitors who would have killed him.

Promotion and Political Career Attempt

At age 23, IX was promoted to General. He was the youngest officer to ever reach that rank since Emperor Welhan 3000 years earlier. With that, he took command of the Haroma Defense Corps (15 million soldiers).

At age 70, he was elected into the Imperial Senate for Haroma III. He didn't want to be a Senator, but the Emperor put him on the ballot to see how he would fare. Within days of entering the Senate, he managed to piss off every single Senator with his extremely far right and authoritarian political views. He managed to get through all 5 years of his term without being assassinated, but he still left the Senate with no friends. To this day, every Senator hates him.

Upon leaving, he returned to the Emperor's Legion and the HDC. With the ranks and political history, however, the Inquisition locked onto him because he didn't worship the Emperor. After a particularly destructive incident with the Inquisitors, IX was named Governor of a colony that would be founded in another galaxy. He got on the colony ship and headed for the Milky Way.

Governor of Earth

After 50 years, IX arrived on Earth. Of course, it already had people living on it. He came into contact with most from day one. At the meeting, however, he was forced to declare one of the nations an Enemy of the Anean Star Empire after several minor incidents coupled with a grave insult. The rest of the meeting went along without incident.

After the meeting, an unknown craft crashed on the mainland. While going in to investigate, IX's shuttle was shot down by a train (the colony will never him live that one down). During the battle there and the moment of calm there, he came into contact with two more nations that would soon become allies to the Empire.

Three months later, there was another Pudrian incursion, but this time on Earth. The AGF led the way into battle with assist from the native populations on the planet. In less than a week, the Pudrians were beaten back and the Empire scored yet another glorious victory.

Following the war, IX laid out the plans for a Worldport that would put the colony at the top of the planet's economic powers. Of course, someone intervened with trade embargoes on a port that hadn't even started construction. In an unexpected move, IX said that he would sink any ships of that nation. After several days, IX backed down and sat down to speak with their leaders.

President of the Anean Star Empire

Almost a week after the Worldport incident, IX was elected (surprisingly by the Senate in a 10,000 - 0 vote) to become the first President after Emperor Welhan stepped down from the throne. In an act of goodwill, and an attempt to improve relations, IX invited the native nations along for the trip.

After a week-long flight with no major events, the ASF Enterprise arrived over Haroma.

Imperator of the Anean Star Empire

Two months after becoming President, IX declared himself Imperator. He assumed absolute control over the armed forces and reigned with absolute power. However, the Senate advised him and IX listened to their suggestions. The population supported his rise as Imperator because they now had a strong leader again.

When the Third Federation War broke out, IX went into battle alongside the AGF and ASF forces. The TEL (save for those in government positions) was recalled from Earth to fight as well. The war took 10 months and resulted with total Anean domination of the Andromeda Galaxy. That also paved the way for IX's expansion into other nearby galaxies.

When the New Gracaria Colony came under attack, IX was unaware. The invasion of New Gracaria occurred on the eve of Anean victory in Andromeda and was a very quiet invasion. When he arrived on the planet, with Federation forces in control, IX managed to gain a peaceful solution to the invasion causing the surrender of Federation Marshal Omer Arris.

Emperor of the Anean Star Empire

After the Third Federation War, IX was officially given the title of Emperor. Imperator for the most part is a solely military rank. As Emperor, IX commanded respect from everyone. To his detriment, he also had much more time away from Earth. However, he also had benefits that he never dreamed of. For one he now lived in the Imperial Palace and had the Welhan Castle up north as another home. Two he had the respect and adoration of the entire Empire.

His first years as Emperor were tough on him and the nation as the Empire struggled to rebuild from the War. His daughter, Luca Rio, took part in various operations to put down rebellions across former Federation space. During this time IX began to rebuild the military and put a firm grip upon the Empire.

The 100 years that he ruled was uneventful, but in that time the Empire revised its trade law, became significantly more liberal, and became a military hegemony.


In 2110, IX came down with various diseases ranging from Talonian Plague to cancer in several places. He was immediately admitted into the Anean Galactic Medical Center - Alpha Centauri, and spent almost two weeks there as his condition only worsened. Finally, after a long fight, he died in the evening and his body was sent back to Haroma for burial.


Pudr IX, IX's Pudrian clone, wanting someone to annoy regularly, recovered IX's body in undisclosed methods. Using pre-death samples that weren't disposed of yet - particularly blood and tissue samples - the Pudrian scientists worked for years to rebuild IX's body and, effectively, bring him back to life. Pudr IX was forced to keep it a secret due to the ethical consequences.

A couple years after starting the project, IX was rebuilt and, after making sure he was in one piece and fully functional once again, sent back out into the Empire.

War of Unitarian Aggression

As he entered the Haroma System, IX was caught up in the Razing of Haroma and was instrumental in getting the ASF deployed to fight off the Unitarian armada.


In public, he tries to be a friend to everyone, but always looks out for the best interests of the Empire and always serious. In private however, he is much more laid back and loving to his friends and family.



  • Tod Vlodovic-Xaimoungkhoun (Unitarian, Fennec/Cross Fox)


  • Malachi Xaimoungkhoun (father, died of "natural causes")
  • Anneliese Xaimoungkhoun (mother, killed in Razing of Haroma)
  • Reen Fastpaw (stepfather)

Fathers/Mothers in Law:

  • Shadow


  • Kseniya Xaimoungkhoun (Sister, Killed during Razing of Haroma)
  • Shachar Xaimoungkhoun (Sister)
  • Myrta Xaimoungkhoun (Sister, Killed during Razing of Haroma)
  • Ania Xaimoungkhoun (Sister)
  • Mordecai Xaimoungkhoun (Brother)
  • Eiran Xaimoungkhoun (Brother, Killed during Razing of Haroma)
  • Dirk Xaimoungkhoun (Brother)

Brothers/Sisters in Law:

  • Tisra Vlodovic (Cross Fox)


Sons/Daughters in Law:

  • Alaric Holmberg (Human)


  • Waya Rio (Gray Wolfess)
  • Darius Rio (Gray Wolf, Killed during Razing of Haroma)
  • Klara Rio (White Wolfess/Fennec)
  • Ramiro Rio (White Wolf/Human)


Since his entry into the Empire, Isaiah had various medical issues. The first ones were reactions to new microbes in the Empire, but those passed in a few months. After a few years in the Empire, Isaiah became infected with the Pudrian nanobots following capture in the Remnant War. This prevented most diseases while also expanding his lifetime to up to, and possibly beyond, 300 years.

Known Medical Conditions

  • Pudrian Infestation
  • Lycantrophy

Wars and Battles


Remnant War:

  • Battle of Venak
  • Battle of Carnta
  • Assault on the Pudrian Replicator Station
  • Defense of Haroma III

Third Federation War:

  • Battle of Venak V
  • Battle of the Sphereworld
  • Battle of Carnta VII
  • Battle of Remnora X
  • Invasion of Talon IV
  • Assault on Arca
  • Liberation of Agebbo III
  • Battle of Jemucei VI
  • Liberation of New Gracaria

The Great War of Unitarian Aggression:

  • Razing of Haroma
  • Invasion of Weihria

Other Battles:

  • Assault on the Gracaria Convention Center
  • Raid on Gracaria Palace



Other Battles:

  • Northern Aatuylva Wraithwolf Attack
  • Acronos Campaign
  • Liberation Campaign

Medals, Awards, and Degrees


  • The Hero of the Anean Star Empire (2 time winner)
  • The Hero of the Milky Way Republic
  • The Savior of the Remnoran Republic
  • The Federation Star
  • The Emperor's Legion of Honor (9 time winner)
  • The AGF Medal of Valor (awarded 8 times)
  • The ASF Distinction Medal (awarded 4 times)
  • Silver Star (awarded 18 times)
  • Bronze Star (awarded 26 times)
  • Purple Heart (awarded 34 times)
  • Aatuylvan Bloodpact
  • Prisoner of War Ribbon (awarded 6 times)

Campaign Ribbons

  • Anean Acronos Campaign Ribbon
  • Remnant War Campaign Ribbon
  • Third Federation War Service Ribbon
  • Liberation Campaign Ribbon
  • Unity War Ribbon


  • Emperor's Commendation Medal (awarded 2 times)
  • Orbital Trooper Badge
  • Remnoran Valor Medal
  • Artillery Spotter Badge
  • Expert Infantryman
  • Master Swordsman
  • Welhan Tactician Prize
  • Master of Firearms


  • Master's Degree in Diplomacy
  • Doctor of Psychology

Political Offices Held

  • Senator
  • Governor-Militant
  • President
  • Imperator
  • Emperor

Military Ranks Held

  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Supreme Commander of the Anean Armed Forces
  • Imperator
  • Emperor


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