Kohtohkhan (koh-tohk-ka-po) is a language spoken by 160 million people primarily in Miokalia and 900 million in Hcota.
It is a polymodal hypersynthetic language, notable because of it's encapsulation-based, rather than order-based grammatical conventions. The language is widely considered to be highly pidgin-tolerant or integrative due to it's grammatical flexibility and thus it has managed to resist supplantation in places like Miokalia (Hcota is geographically isolated and thus not relevant to this).


  • Avosaurichae-Naturum*
    • Kuho
      • Kohtohkon Raptoric
        • Kohtohkhan


Kohtohkhan consists of 25 Consonants, 20 Vowels, 5 Phagopercussives and 8 Sinowels.
(Phagopercussives include sounds produced from rapid pressure changes and percussive events in the mouth)
(Sinowels are sounds, often used as vowels, produced by resonance in the sinus cavity. These are particularly unique to Kohtohkhan, specifically Old Kohtohkhan because of anatomical development.)

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