Lilumeleate Dynasty

The Lilumeleate dynasty was the third ruling family to control the Kingdom of Pargalo. It lasted from 597 to 957 CE. The two members of the family were Pargalonian Dragons. The dynasty ended with the Lilumeleate II at the battle of Quarn that also resulted in the death of his three daughters and thus ended the line of inheritance.

Lilumeleate I was a strong and just king whom pushed for many improvements in the lives of the common people and pushed for education of everyone. By the time of his murder in 734, 40% of Pargalo's citizens could read and write, a level beyond most other terrestrial nations of the day. Lilumeleate II was the son of Lilumeleate I and Ilkruz of House Scorch. He took after the philosophy of his mother more than his father. Lilumeleate II was a brutal dictator and punished anyone whom got in his way. Dozens of lords were executed and their lands seized by the king. Eventually this lead to the civil wars of the 900s. The civil war period ended with the death of Lilumeleate II and all his heirs at the decisive battle of Quarn. All but House Wild and House Scorch stood united by that point against the king and was able to over come his personal army. The Kingdom suffered greatly under the tyranny of Lilumeleate II, undoing most of the work of Lilumeleate I.

The Election

The death of Emlez VI in 596 was very expected, but the deaths of the three possible heirs the year before was not. The last year of his life left Emlez VI weak politically as well. Emlez VI had early in his life taken the progressive move in declaring the king's ancestral lands to be the only one's they control, and that the rest of the royal lands were the kingdoms, and thus not countable for succession elections. This prevented family members to try to dominate the election. This put the election in much greater doubt as to who would be nominated. The chain of vassalige had change greatly since the start of the Emlez dynasty, with more and more lords opting to give oath to the king and not another lord. This lead to the three dragon houses (House Peace, House Wild, and House Scorch) to be the dominate land owners despite having very few vassals. The candidates that resulted were lopsided towards the dragons. The candidates from lesser houses were weak and so the election was thrown towards the candidate from House Wild, Lilumeleate.

Lilumeleate Dynasty

597-734 - Lilumeleate I
734-957 - Lilumeleate II

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