Luca Rio

"Damn, even as a captain she still won't hesitate to crack skulls. AGF personality mixed with an ASF personality obviously leads to pure badass. Plus I would tap that."
- ASF Ensign before getting knocked out by Luca who heard that last part

Basic Information

Nickname: The Iron Lady
Official Title: Empress of the Anean Star Empire
Age: 165
Political Stance: Nationalist
Birthdate: March 11, 7967
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Gender: Herm
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 pounds
Species: White Wolf
Eye Color: Red

Nationality: Haromian
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire

Ship Class of Choice: The Annihilator VI Battleship
Weapon of Choice: Class B Heavy Assault Rifle


Early Life

Born in the Anean Galactic Medical Center, Luca lived most of her life on Haroma III. At age 5, her mother and sister were killed. That left her with Tamarynn Rio and IX as the last of her family. Due to her young age at the time, the loss never affected her much. However, living with two career soldiers did influence her.

Orbital Shock Trooper Service

When she turned 18, she enlisted in the AGF. Even in basic training, she was proving herself as an able soldier. Even as a new soldier, she was invited to join the Orbital Shock Troopers after 3 years in the AGF.

Her next two years were uneventful, though she did fight off a small rebel force at the crossing of two major highways on a Mid World planet. The battle has fallen into history and forgotten, since it was not a major fight. It did, however, earn her the Legion of Honor.

ASF Career

After her 5 years in the AGF were up, she went into the ASF. Without having to go through their basic training, she was sent to the Academy. Excelling in the testing and classes, she left after two years as a captain, and given command over the newly constructed ASF Enterprise.

With the Enterprise, Luca was given missions to explore uncharted areas of Andromeda. In her time, she earned the ASF Distinction Medal multiple times for acts spanning from rescuing of traders to stamping out pirates and slavers.

New Gracaria

Opting to take the trip to Earth, Luca assumed that nothing bad would come as a result of the trip. At worst she'd have to do without her ship and luxuries for some time. Upon arrival, and after learning that the planet was inhabited, she patiently waited for the Enterprise to arrive in order to be on that most of the time.

The Third Federation War

When the Third Federation War began, Luca took this as an opportunity to get away from Earth and into the fight. Given a promotion to Rear Admiral, Luca led her small force into as many combat situations as she could taking few losses in most of the battles.

During the Invasion of Talon, Luca, now a full Admiral, commanded a majority of the ASF forces. Despite losing about 75% of the fleet, mostly due to Talon's defense systems as well as its fleet, Talon was a major space victory and broke Federation resistance in space.

After Talon, Luca fought in few battles and finally returned to Earth with IX's fleet. Upon arrival the discovery of the Federation invasion of New Gracaria prompted a counterattack. The counterattack, however, only lasted a few minutes as Marshal Arris surrendered after learning of Federation defeat in Andromeda.

The Iron Lady

After the war Luca stayed on Earth for some time as Fleet Admiral. From there she organized the movement of supply fleets heading into the former Federation worlds to begin the process of reconstruction. Every month, for about a week, she'd head back to Andromeda and tour the reconstruction zones to ensure everything is moving smoothly.

About 4 years into reconstruction, there were revolts against Anean rule across much of the former Federation space. In just weeks dozens of planets were in rebel hands as the AGF garrisons couldn't keep it from spreading. With the remaining, though highly outnumbered, ASF ships and their marines, Luca began a short war of attrition and guerrilla warfare. Once AGF and ASF reinforcements arrived about a month later - they were delayed due to forces being thinly spread post-war - Luca had put down most of the rebellions.

Given leave, Luca returned to Haroma as a hero and, in an article in a Core Worlds newspaper, was called the Iron Lady. The title stuck.

Grand Matriarch

Shortly after the rebellions, needing a new leader, the Archcouncil of the Church selected Luca as the successor to the previous Grand Patriarch.


Despite being a soldier, Luca is a very fun person. She never bought into the seriousness into her career. That is one reason that the crews that serve under her love her. The only times she is actually angry is when someone endangers her ship, her family, or her nation. Outside of work, she is very laid back.



  • Tamarynn Rio

Non-Blood Parent:


  • James Xaimoungkhoun
  • Melis Xaimoungkhoun
  • Snowfire Xaimoungkhoun
  • Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun II


  • Waya Rio
  • Darius Rio
  • Nakhi Welhan II
  • Klara Rio
  • Ramiro Rio

Wars and Battles


The Intervention Campaign
- Battle of the Crossroads


- Battle of Venak
- Slaver Battle
- Skirmish at Res'Ort

Third Federation War
- Space Battle over Talon
- Invasion of New Gracaria

Medals and Awards

- The Emperor's Legion of Honor (awarded 2 times)
- ASF Distinction Medal (awarded 6 times)
- AGF Iron Cross (awarded 3 times)
- Silver Star
- Bronze Star (awarded 2 times)
- Orbital Shock Trooper Commendation Medal

Ranks Held


- Private
- Sergeant
- Lieutenant


- Recruit
- Captain
- Rear Admiral
- Vice Admiral
- Fleet Admiral

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