Malych Autocommunism

Malych Autocommunism is the resource management system used by colonies, enclaves and civil systems of the Malych species.
It is a pseudoeconomic system where modes of leadership and operation shift between a few distinct phases in order to maximize the effectiveness of individual efforts with diverse individuals.

Modal Leadership Phases

The first, survival-based mode of leadership is Unison Phase. This mode assigns leadership to a small panel of random individuals who are all of the Malych Archetypal Group G-type personality and also forces them to anatomically shut-down certain emotional responses. The sole purpose of the emotional shut-down is to keep the panel from decaying into fighting as a result of ambitions.
MAG-G-type personality profiles are individuals who tend towards broad-ranging, constructive-oriented and sometimes even encyclopedic skill sets or interests. When working together they can more quickly produce a comprehensive plan to solve various problems and re-establish civilized conditions as quickly as possible without emotional and ambitious friction.
The second phase is the Homeostatic Phase. This phase involves the isolation of resource-producing systems from individual interests. The methodology behind this is based on scarcity-avoidance rather than rationing, which differentiates it from most Communist approaches which often quickly decay into modes of rationing.
Scarcity-avoidance is achieved by the establishment of a Local Singleton, a computer system which declares what things are necessary to achieve a given standard of living. Because insufficient resources mean insufficient quality, the resource production part of the system is completely off-limits to individual control.
The third phase goes into effect when the second one becomes compromised. The Re-Clustering phase is where a compromised civil unit divides and seperates, both components then restart the leadership-phase process. This often happens very rapidly and repeatedly in ever smaller scales as a natural way of isolating a problem. The example is: if a group decides to seize control of a production system and introduce a price system to the civil unit, about half of the population will break off from that unit and restart the process to establish their own. Shortly after, another segment of the original civil unit also breaks off and does the same. This continues until eventually any intrusion of a price system is either crushed by the economic conditions, or is totally isolated from the rest of the population. This type of occurance is extremely rare, but has happened.
This is an evolutionary behavior, since the compromising of quality has a severe impact on the health of a mechanical population. There were many instances in the early years of Malych Civilization where entire cites went extinct because of the compromises made for profit-driven resource management experiments. This is because Malych, as a mechanical species, are inherently less survival-versatile than organic species. Their physical limits are much more absolute than those of organics. Thus when replacement parts they needed on a routine basis were of decreasing quality (in the name of profit efficiency) over time, their durability and overall health took a nose-dive.

Anatomical Modes

In addition to different modes of leadership for different conditions, the actual anatomy of the population varies depending on the phase of operation they are in as a civil unit.

Semiferal Phase
Is the phase of operation preceding the formation of an organized and stable Union Phase Leadership.
Anatomically, Malych in this environment are often 1.5 to 2 times their size in a more advanced phase of civil environment.
This is because Semiferal Malych are basically scavengers and the extra size is needed to accomodate for the hardware.
Semiferal Malych use the same core hardware as any others would, but their power-systems are combustion-based rather than Deochalcham fuel or catalytic light fission-based as anatomies corresponding to more advanced civil environments are.
Semiferal Malych generate power using a Carbonaceous Gasifier Furnace, which converts wood, plants, coal and basically anything with hydrocarbons in it into a Hydrogen Gas and Carbon Monoxide mixture which then powers a combustion engine of some kind which in turn, drives a generator and hydraulic pump. The exhaust from this process is actually cleaner than the exhaust from the combustion of gasoline or natural gas since all of the carbon monoxide in the system is combusted and a larger proportion of the exhaust is comprised of water vapor. It is clean enough that it is safe for organics to be indoors with a Semiferal Malych unit. While this is not the most heat-efficient known method of generating power from carbonaceous sources, its versatility and tolerance of variety is probably the reason why Semiferal Malych evolved it.

Social Phase

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