Malychedar(Koh: mall-ka-dur), or Corona Beta V(5), or ZS-T1
is a planet orbiting the sub-red-dwarf (brown dwarf) star Corona Beta or ZL08-83.
The planet was once inhabited by an organic bidepal species which had basically exterminated itself through constant warfare until they no longer had the means to fend off natural threats and this lead them to extinction. The planet is currently inhabited by the Malych, an inorganic species which emerged from the previous race's autonomous mechanized infantry units.
Currently it is also inhabited by a very small, limited range of native organic life, for example: the Wolfe-Schutt Reptolapines (rabbit-like lizards colloquilly known as: "Zoidbunnies" although they are organic)

Since contact was re-established with the planet by way of Telephase, it has become known that the planet is no longer referred to as "Malychedar" and instead is now a part of a multi-stellar nation known as The Immanence, of which the CB-V and CB-VII Malych are a major constituent of.

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