Motto: Get away from me now
Region Southern Kadoria
Capitol Zye City
Largest City Hokyldaryon
Official Language(s) Kohtohkhan, Nimiyapo, Commonwealth English
Religion No State Religion
Demonym Miokalian
Government Constitutional Dictatorship
Apparateur 13R5KA Sweizalthorpe
Sudo (to the) Apparateur Hiyike Andertol
First Lady Itka D4RM45TU
Secretary Tajir Vuela Konig
Secretary of State Tycho Nadara
Nation Type
Sovereignty Type Independent 1951
Previous Sovereignty Type Protectorate Federation 1946-1951
Current Constitution 1 Primary and 2 Addenda (1951)
Karat (Њ)
Time Zone
Talarine TST(-10), Helic HST(-11), Zwickal ZWST(-11.5), Kolminai KST(-12)

The Federal Tajirates of Miokalia, Talarine, Tasea and the Digasdans is a nation-state located to the immediate south of KZ. The country includes the Eledorian Subcontinent, The islands of Kolminaisus, Talarine, Tasea, and the Digasdans archepelago.

Miokalia is a unitary state governed under what is technically a constitutional dictatorship, with it's seat of government in Zye City.
The only exceptions to the unitary government system are the Tajirates of Tasea and The Digasdans which have historically actively maintained a higher level of independence than other Tajirates and Districts.
Miokalia has 10 overseas territories. Some of these are remnants of the minor empires of various Talarine dynsaties, while some of the more far flung of these (such as Krarkashira, Antarctica. Founded in 1928) are remnants of the more recent 4th Empire.

Miokalia is a developed country and is debatebly, one of the earliest industrialised countries. It is a recognized nuclear weapons state. Miokalia is one of the remaining members of the Furry Federation Council, The now-superceded Southern Ocean Treaty Organization, The ZC, and occasional, primarily satirical presence in the World Assembly.


It is a constitutional technocratic republic which is ruled by a multiparty system and a Singleton-style technocratic system which holds veto power over decisions of the other.
Miokalia is the fifth largest country by nominal GDP in the Furry Federation, Thermodynamic Economics are the fundamental ideology behind Miokalia's enormous economic regulatory bureaucracies, although in not as extreme of an application as Tinis' Tinisazil system. It is of note that the Dopblaron provincial unit of Miokalia operates on an exclusively Thermodynamic Economic System unique to that territory only which is known as Malych Autocommunism.
Miokalia is a member of SOTO (Southern Ocean Treaty Organization), and joined the Furry Federation upon it's passage of the Federation Bill R113 concerning the rights of sapient entities.

Civil Rights

Similar to it's geographic neighbors Killer Zoids and Commonwealths of Kcal, it maintains an almost militant tradition of social libertarianism. The population is known to stage large scale demonstrations at the slightest threat to free speech or other liberal rights. This tradition is very clear in the Malych-drafted Zagckza Treaties in it's opening statement of the Rights of Sapients

The uniform standard of these civil rights must be maintained even if at the cost of democracy itself. As democracy without civil rights is utterly and completely pointless.

(Zg.II 0.3.1)

Miokalia has consistently and without lapse, allowed legal marriages between almost literally any two things which are capable of understanding what marriage is and are of legal adult status Which includes homosexual and interspecies marriages. There is speculation that people have actually legally married inanimate objects, plants and rocks in Miokalia, these are likely true because of the Hylomorphic Recognition Gamut rule in the Constitutional definition of 'Civil Unions'. This is a rule that accomodates for the possibility of someone trying to marry with something which is sapient but not yet recognized as such by any official entity.
Despite being extremely liberal with what people can marry, the laws on the minimum age of marriage are extremely strict and actively enforced. The public attitude towards children engaging in marriage is very very rancorous, as they see it as a form of exploitation. Additionally, arranged marriages are strictly forbidden and the ban is vigorously enforced. Polygamous or Polyamorous marriage although has recently been legalized as the ban is being lifted, following a Malych-Singleton Judicial decision that the ban was too-generalized and was denying rights to nonexploitative polyamorous groups.


Miokalia's provincial units are called "Tajirates", which are each governed by a Tajir (Kohtohkhan for- governor) whom is elected by popular election at intervals which vary from tajirate to tajirate.

Tajirates (Provincial Divisions)

  • Hokyldaryon
  • Danaton
  • Dorfan
  • Harriys
  • ZCFD (Zye City Federal District)
  • Eyla
  • Kabutrhoh
  • Rohomeo
  • Ilys
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