Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan I

Basic Information

Official Title: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Age: Old
Political Stance: Left Leaning Centrist
Birthdate: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Male
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 451 pounds
Species: White Tiger

Nationality: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire

Weapons of Choice:

  • Class A Heavy Projectile Cannon
  • AK-47

Melee Weapon of Choice: AGF Officer's Sword


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He has a rather short temper, but is also influenced by the events around him. For example, on the day of IX's funeral, he almost lost it completely when the shuttle crashed into one of the Worldport terminals. He doesn't take insults very well either. However, if he knew what is being said is just a joke, then he can put up with it but does have limits to what is said. Despite the temper, he can be a very loving person when not in battle and does love the company of friends.



  • Ania Xaimoungkhoun


  • Elena Welhan (White Tiger)


  • Rolan Welhan
  • Selena Welhan


  • Nakhi Welhan II

Wars and Battles


- Northern Aatuylva Battle
- Acronos Island Campaign
- Liberation Campaign

Non-Violent Conflicts
- Cal Trade War

Medals and Awards

- Emperor's Legion of Honor
- Hero of the Soviet Union
- ASE Silver Star
- ASE Bronze Star

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