Naria Game List

Basic Information

Naria is a war game that uses the Metaphysical Holographic Projection System as well as specialized database and query software in order to play. The game is very popular throughout Aluez as it gives training to the military, kids some experience in planning, strategy, creativity for the players, and a vent for unneeded violence.

Millions of game types, unique units, battlefields, en cetera, exist in the game ever since it's creation in 750 B.U., and has grown into a galactic class sport throughout the Unitarian colonies, and even in some nations abroad.

NOTE: Just like with every single sport, there is a risk of injury, and even DEATH when playing. Due to the Metaphysical attributes of the game (I.E. Squad Based fighting with LIVE ammo) it makes the game just about as dangerous as actual combat. While some game modes (I.E. Strategy mode) are more safer, caution should be advised to prevent unneeded accidents.

Deaths for this game are not a common occurrence, matter of fact, they happen in one out of every 800,000,000 Trillion games. Injuries are about 70,000 to one. Use caution when having fun.

Game modes


Strategy Deathmatch (FFA/Team)
Storm The Castle
Deathmatch Squad (FFA/Team)
Capture the Flag Strategy
Capture the Flag Squad
Survival Squad



Existing Major Houses

The Greater Empire of Nutziland
The Soviet Republic of Savina
The Federalist Republic of Kinaii
The Fascist Bordello of Anonymous
The /b/ Legion
The Holy Empire of Vampira
The Fans of Lady Sosec
The Devilish Little Rubber Duckie
The Anime World!
The Legion of Honor
The fucked up ones
New Atredies
The Unholy Empire of Kittens

Player Database


Name of Player:
Name of Army:
Level: (default 1) (Can go up to 150)
General Description of a soldier in your army:
Tech level: (1-25) (Default 2)
Army statistics Points: 65 default, 5 points per level
Army Statistics:
-Ground Vehicles:
Special Skills: (limit 7)
Unique Units: (Limit 25)
-Main Weapons: (limit 2)
-Special Abilities: (limit 3)
-Description: (pictures applicable)
Unique Weapons: (Limit 18)
-Special Abilities: (limit 3)
-Description: (pictures applicable)

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