P Incidents

P Incidents are the classifications given by the System Equation Division of TIPS to events that result in or could produce large scale reality altering results. Most results are related to the use of the System Equation but not all. Some of the events pre-date modern Tinis.

  • P1 - Putume Incident. Because the cause of the incident is unknown and the many accounts of the events confirm its occurrence, SED researchers classified this as the first known P Incident.
  • P3 - Battle of Arx Fields. Notable because of the near slaughter (most were just heavily wounded, but plenty died of the wounds days later) of 30,000+ soldiers by a group of under 30 individuals that resulted in sufficient fear to end the civil war are consistent with large scale changes in reality through the use of the System Equation.
  • P6 - Interaction of Heaven Stone shard and experimental Pattern Defense System computer system.
  • P7 - First Cali based FTL tests result in a probe being lodged in the Crystal Eye's workout space. For a short span of time the resulting structure of the probe and spacecraft acted as a potential reflection and pooling point of coaxial like effects. If sufficient pucons had been applied to the Crystal Eye it would of motivated the space craft (which at the time was traveling at near relativistic speeds due to an accident) to be 'snapped' back to the point of origin of the motivating particles, which of most likely been the Earth. Had this happened, the Crystal Eye may have crashed into the ground. Given the momentum of the craft and its mass, this would of likely resulted in a mass extinction level event if not worse.
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