Pargalo is a non-federation nation in the north of the continent. For much of its history its been ruled by either a monarch with a parliament or a more absolute ruler.

Early History

Pargalo was inhabited by a number of furry peoples as early as 3000 BCE. Around 6 CE, Glorvan came to Pargalo and was of significant cultural impact. The city states and lords of the time resisted the new ideas of Glorvan but due to the influence of this historical figure, several of the most powerful warlords united the kingdom in 27 CE. From then until 1924, the Kingdom of Pargalo existed in the land of Pargalo.

19th Century

Being relatively isolated from other parts of the continent, the industrial revolution occurred latter in Pargalo than most other areas. Over eagerness to catch up lead to rapid industrialization and with it mass discontent. Over time the nations parliament became distant from the needs of the people and tended to ignore the environmental depredation that was occurring.

20th Century

The unrest came to a fore in 1924 with the murder of King Zelt by a mob of angry workers. Clashes between the army and the citizenry by this point had become common place. But with the king's death and the inability of the parliament to meet at all shortly after, the nation fell into anarchy.

In 1932 order was established in the populated regions by General Kizik but his brutal methods soon lead to his death. It is believed that Isto, a rival general, and his son Izixs were involved with this. Isto was killed around the same time.

Two years later, a House System was established by the remaining factions of Paraglo. This new system provided stability and a halt in the fighting for almost ten years. But by the early 1940s many citizens were fleeing south to the colony of Forr to escape the growing power of the houses of Wune and Jirie. The other five houses fled as well eventually and were no longer factors by the end of 1944.

With total control between them, Jirie and Wune opted to end the house system in Pargalo and instead rule as absolute dictators. Over the years they used indoctrination, religion, and fear to establish total control over 95% of Pargalo. The only remaining resistance being in the remote reaches of the Pargalonian mountains and the ice fields beyond. In the 1980s, a mass program was created to outfit all citizens of Pargalo with 'kill-switch' devices. These devices, often referenced as Jirie's Solution, would severe key arteries in the person they were installed into upon receiving a particular coded message. The down side to this of course was the possibility of jamming, but it was believed by the joint dictators that barring an outside invasion, such jamming would not be employed.

21st Century

Due to the help given groups that attacked Miokalia, Tinis, and Cal, a joint force was deployed into Pargalo by these nations and Erenmor. They manage to route the forces of Wune and Jirie, to save most the populace from the kill switch devices, and to prevent a large nuclear explosion. After the removal of Jirie and Wune, a provisional government was established.

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