Pattern Defense System

The Pattern Defense System (PDS for short) is a means of creating an effective barrier between two regions of space. The shape of the barrier can be manipulated to a certain extent but must be totally closed. So far there has been no successful penetration of a PDS by any means however it has been seen that a PDS can be affected by some types of events, but not to the point of the barrier being removed.

The benefits of the use of a PDS is that it prevents any undesired particles (say matter) from passing through the barrier, and it can be adjusted, provided the right input parameters are known, to allow the passage of various types of particles. This can allow useful things like gravity and sunlight through.

The downside of a PDS is that the barrier also prevents blocked particles from leaving. Thus a nation under a PDS is totally unable to assist its allies while under its protection.

It has been theorized that a small PDS should be put in use to protect important archives or cultural works.

A PDS uses the System Equation to over determine components of an entangled system. The entangled system being a small collection of particles near the device and the particles and space itself that makes up the location of the desired barrier. The over determination of the local particles forces the barrier location particles to enter an extreme uncertainty state, giving them a space and time distribution wider than any particle could tunnel through in the life time of the universe.

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