People's Republic of Centraliza

General Data

The People's Republic of Centraliza is a nation formed from imigrants, and now populated by both them and their descendants. However, it has only recently begun to start diplomatic relations with other nations; until now, it has maintained a stubborn isolationism.

Miscallenous Data

This is general information of the nation based on the questions DRL answered here.

Full nation name: People's Republic of Centraliza
Short nation name: Centraliza
Your government's stance on…
Republic: People's Republic is cool.
Monarchy: Not favourable. Specially absolute monarchies.
Federalism: Competent in some cases. Depends on how big the country is.
Anarchy: No. A leader will allways rise, for the good or bad.
Fascism: No. You can not be allways right.
Marxism: Partially. Some Communist goals are valid. Economy does not work, however.
Stalinism: No. It is just like Fascism but with Communist Economy.
Democracy: No. Overwhelmed and corrupt, South American Democracies are the reason why I find such system to be useless. Has a good concept, but it is poorly executed.
Dictatorship: Yes. Sometimes one must do things not everyone is in favor of - things only an autocrat can do.
Apartheid: We actively fight any sort of discrimination.
Environment: Highly protected. Food industry is being watched too. There are plans to drive the meat market out of bussiness.
Underground:We obviously can not regulate the internet, thus pornography, illegal distribution of software and such exist. However, drug dealers are actively being prosecuted (and in many cases, executed).
Races: From many planets. Range from anthropomophs to robots and humans.
Imperialism: We openly oppose Imperialism.
Free speech: Free speech is allowed, you can say what you want. Freedom of stupidity is not allowed (eg.: demanding welfare plans but not seeking a job.), and Freedom of demostration is watched closely.
Economy: Mixed-to-Regulated Market.

Is it legal? (Yes/No)
Alcohol: Limited.
Cannabis: No.
Tobacco: No.
Drugs: Trafickers are actively prosecuted.
Gambling: Limited.
Porn: Stated before.
Prostitution: No
Slavery: No
Gay marriage: Yes
Hate speech: Limited.
Other questions:
What is your nation's mains source of energy? Nuclear Fission & Fussion, Cold Fussion, Solar Energy, Hydraulic energy, Eolic energy.
What is the age of majority in your nation? What? ~50. Robot.
Does your government use surveillance cameras? If yes, are they very popular? Yes. Hiidden ones, too.
What is your nation's economy system? Stated before.
Does your nation have a system of social welfare? Yes, but it is watched closely to prevent abuse.
Is there a free healthcare? Yes.
Would you invade other nation only because of it's ideology? No, unless we have a local faction calling for our aid.

Ministers and History

Most in-depth information about the nation and it's history. Please note that this section is still in need of some improvement.

Name: DRLHyper
Name of your Nation: People's Republic of Centraliza.
Type of Government: Autocratic Socialist
Political Leaders:
Supreme Leader & Commander: DRL "Hyper" (Autocratic Socialist, Human/Me)
General Economy Minister: Ignacio Nuñez Laranjera (Centrist, human)
Agriculture & Land Minister: Julio Olivares de Las Casas (Leftlist, human)
Defense Minister: Francisco Ferrante Oberon (Centrist, human)
Internal Affairs Minister: Drae Selek (Center-Left, Orange Fox)
External Affairs Minister: Xint-Zei Dau (Center-Left, limited interventionist, Draconian)
Chief of Military:
Shared position held by three Joint ministers;
Colonel, Horacio Ehrlich Mercado (Traditional Army, Gray Wolf)
Sub-Comandante, Gabriel Correa Fernandez (Progressive Army, Brown Fox)
Greater Space Admiral, Ocean/Sea Fleet Leader & Commander of Air Force: "Liutenant" (Autocratic Socialist, Robot)
"Marginal Duties" Minister: Max du Pont (Unespecified, Android)
Minister of Security & Intelligence Leader: Ramiro De La Cott (Unespecified, Android/Robot)

Other Ministers will be added if required.
Side Note: Names in Spanish were taken from game "Hidden Agenda", and the ideology of their beares was left untouched. With the exeption of the Colonel and the Sub-Comadante (who still maintain their titles, but were anthromorphized), all others remain human.
Robots are fan-characters of mine, and the Android was my "Minister of Silly Walks" in a issue I had in NationStates.

Population: [Visible here], counting humans, anthros, robots, and other sentient beings.
Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common): There are many humans and anthros (though more of the later), even more robots and there are also a minor variety of other sentients.
Major Cultures: Central American, South American, Robotic and Lylatian.
Major Religions: There is no official religion, but all religions (that abide the law) are permited. 'New Age' religions bought by humans are the majority, althrough the Lylat-Based ones also have their numbers. Other religions include Hindu, Buddhism, Roman Chatolicism, and a few others whose numbers are few.

Volunteer only? Yes.
Mandatory Service? No. However the police may be converted into E.A.U ("Emergency Action Units") if necesary.
Military strengths (list 3): Highly Automated Vehicles, High Unit Organization, Highly Efficient Secret Service. An extra could be high unit organization.
Military weaknesses (list 3): Sea-Based Technology, specially subs. Speed is preffered over Strength, so our units may be weaker than that of other's. Additionally, being the 'Army' divied among the 3 Joint-Chiefs, if relations among each other are strained, we can expect a loss in efficiency, not to mentioned limited 'joint attacks'. As an extra, the diverse number of species makes it difficult to have 'racial only' benefits.
Nuclear weapons? No, but we do have nuclear technology.
Biological weapons? No, but we have labs to counter such technology with antidotes.
Chemical weapons? No, but we are ever-ready to de-contaminate what our enemies might contaminate.
Space based weapons? Yes, but no mass-destruction. And our war-capable spaceships are still in post-experimental phase.

Relative technology level- mid 21st century (actually it is more likey early-to-mid 22nd century, but it is okay)
Technological advantage (up to 2, must have moderator approval):
Powerful Renewable energies, Robotics.
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1): Sea-based equipment; specially submarine tech, which is obsolete.
Internet access: Very Good
Dominate Transportation Method: (Cars, trains, airlines, ect)
Hover/Cars, Trains, Space/air-ships.
Television access: Very Good.

Prefrerably, Nation RPs with Ministers and Leaders giving the orders, propositions, ect.

Founded long ago as "Chimerica" by Latin Americans from Earth who desired a planet to colonize. However, the ship suffered problems midway and instead opted to move towards the unexplored parts of their homeworld. As they were few, however, they choose to avoid contact with natives or other expeditionary/colonial groups and isolate in the island-continent of Centraliza, named after the "Central Colonial Transport Izar". Over time, however, while forgetting to make contact with the world, they saw fit to re-explore space, and thus contact with Lylat system was made. Shortly after, the leader of the Scout Fleed - a human named "Farsante", tried to conquer Lylat and build a empire of his own. He failed, however, and he retreated back to Chimerica. As the goverment there was very unstable due to recent evens (namely, corruption issues, specially mafia-related) he staged a coup and declared himself Dictator.
As time went on, the people grew unhappier with the brutal policies of Farsante, who benefited only the rich and himself, and "The Revolucion" began. At the last hour, a large part of the army seceded from Farsante's Guard, and this crucial moment was used by the revolutionaries to overthrow him.
For some time, a Democracy was intended; however, it's 'human-only vote' policy, added to it's over-bureacratization, made it unpopular among Lylat, place where many inmigrants were now coming from, and where outspoken Argentinian exile DRL had been mounting a coup. Months later, after the new goverment proved a failure, a local faction flocked to DRL's banned, and so did an Army Colonel. Under his promise of "Racial Equality, Bread, and Security", DRL "Hyper" became popular and he untilmately succeded in attaining power.

After working on brand-new laws to attempt to destroy corruption (which, funnily enough, gave him the title of "Supreme Leader"), he moved on to his 'scientific liberalism' (Extropian theory), which caused many scientists to come to Centraliza - As the nation had been renamed as.

-Relations to other nations-
Earth: It depends. If it is Early-to-mid 22nd century Earth, the relations are Above Average. Some trade, added with average political support.
If today's Earth, relations are strained: no trade, and few political support.

Lylat: Democracy proponents are worried about the possible paths DRL - as a dictator - can take. On the other hand, he has fulfilled [almost all] of his promises, and the goverment of Lylat trusts him into maintaining good relations.

Others: Relations with Nations of the same planet are being stablished, but the idea of "togheter in this world" is new to Centralizans.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:
°We are vegetarians. The Central Izar ran out of meat mid-way, so people eventually learned to improve vegetables and other consumables to be more nutritional.

°Our nation's Anthem is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", by Daft Punk.

°We are weird, and proud of it! It is not strange to see people doing weird stuff to themselves (changing species, gender, parts of the body… These are specially true among human populace.)

Relative map

Full map


Formally, the nation has a "Mixed-to-Regulated Market" economic system. This means, private ownership is allowed, but there is strong goverment regulation, and there are some industries which have goverment-owned enterprises (or state-owned corporations/companies) which compete with private ones. In the case of Energy industry, for example, there is a 80% goverment ownership - being the electricity needs and production completely in state control, and there is a 70% state ownership of transport system.

Regarding to trade and imports, the nation is mostly self-sustainable, althrough a sizeable surplus exists. The fact that the nation remained isolated for so long forced it to adopt a 'recicle or store' police to this surplus, however just in recent times 'trade policies' are being planned. A National Marketting board - which will be a buyer and seller of import/export goods - is in the works. It will not prevent private imports or export of goods, however it will help regulating it.

Tools and Additionals

Where applicable, data coming from the following sources is useable; however it may be overriden by DRL at any moment.

Contains information about Underground activities.

Mostly accurate Trade information

The People's Republic ofCentraliza in NationStates

Important Cities and Other Notes

The nation's major ports, as well as cities, are the following:

°Ciudad Central de Centraliza or C.C.C. (Also know as 'Centraliza City', for short):
The Capital of the nation and it's largest city.

°Antigua Capital de Chimerica (formerly know as 'Ciudad de Chimerica'):
The former capital of the nation, centre of the goverment during the rule of Farsante.
Populated mostly by those of Central-American culture. This is by far the most conservative city. If any sense of 'right' politics exist in Centraliza, they could be found here.

°Neo Buenos Aires:
Founded by South-American inmigrants fed up with the inefficiency of the goverment and law at home, this is the most South-American culture-oriented city. It also has one of the four major ports. This is by is moderately conservative, but not enough to resist changes when they are needed. With old-esque looking buildings in it's center, it even has a copy of 'El Obelisco', of which Neo Porteños are proud of.

°City of Free Sentients:
Populated mostly by Robots and 'Sentient Vehicles', the nation also has a good deal of Androids and biological beings. It has one of the major ports, and has also major research centers. Not to be overlooked is it's highly-automated, high-tech industry as well.

°New Corneria City:
The only trade, which was minimal, was ever conducted with a lone planet from Lylat. Many traders ought to install their shops in this city, close enought to the space port but far away enough from the other big cities. Thus the nation's major retail stores can be found here. The city has also the biggest variety in anthro species, and also the largest anthro population.

°Starspeak Space Port
A retooled airport, it is still in it's 'experimental' stage. It is actively being used to monitor space operations, and many research centers are located here. A small space-trading, import-orinted thrived in the past, but today is mostly inactive.


Centraliza is also working on a few projects, more or less which vary in scale, cost, and success.
They are listed as follows:

National Marketting board: Will regulate trade, and offer an state-based alternative to smaller producers.

Division of the Army: Currently, the army is divided into 3. It has yet to be seen how much this experiment results.

Space Programm: There is a mostly-functional space port (a retooled airport) and a few Centralizan (formerly Chimerican) ships functioning, althrough they are barely capable of leaving the Solar System without problems. The nation preffers exploring Space sending highly-efficient probes and sattelites.

Other projects will be listed as the nation decides to start, cancel, or plan them.

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