The Welhan Protocol

Operation Iron Talon


Operation Iron Talon is an umbrella term for a series of protocols that deal with threats to government officials and when Haroma is threatened. The protocols are based on colors and the colors correspond to a threat level.


  • Code Black: A Code Black only occurs when the Emperor or Empress is assassinated and seberal other officials are at risk of danger. During this code transportation in the Empire is restricted and martial law is put into effect. No foreign entry into, or out of, the Empire is allowed. Embassies are occupied (nations are informed of this possibility prior to opening one) until the Code is reduced.
  • Code Red: A Code Red is when the Emperor or Empress is kidnapped or otherwise threatened. During a Code Red the quadrant that the Emperor is in is locked down in ways similar to that of Code Black.
  • Code Orange: Code Orange is similar to Red, but instead applies to the children and other family of the Emperor or Empress. The reaction is also similar to Code Red, but locks down a sector rather than a quadrant or the Empire and Embassies are not occupied.
  • Code Yellow: Code Yellow applies to the Senate and High Council. Again, like Red and Orange, it will result in a lockdown of the local area. In Code Yellow only a system is locked down and traffic leaving between the establishment of a blockade and the declaration of Iron Talon are hunted and the crews arrested.
  • Code Green: Code Green is for planetary Governors. The result is like Code Yellow, but only applies to a single planet.
  • Code Blue: Code Blue is for local government leaders, such as those on planetary councils. Normally doesn't result in a lockdown of any kind, but there are increased security measures put in place on the planet.

The Xaimoungkhoun Directive

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