The Grand Duchy of Selqu and Povaz is a northern country of the Furry Federation located on the North Continent.

Physical Geography

The most part of Selqu is flat plains begining at the feet of the western and southern mountains. The northwestern coast is mainly abrupt cliffs though the rest of the coast are gentle slopes.
The eastern coast make a large bay called Selqu Bay protected partially from oceanic streams, making it a nice shipping area. The southeastern region of the bay homes a temperate microclimate in the Povazian region.
At the center of the nation flows the river Xalaplas, which supplies a small lake and the swamp around in the Hezul area.

Administrative Geography




Selqu is home for a panel of furry species, the other sentient races are rare and non-native to the region.
A majority of the Selqian population is composed of Fynxes, a species specific to Selqu. The rest is mostly Chiropterians and Vulpines.

Population per species
*Fynxes : 58%
*Chiropterians : 24%
*Vulpines : 16%
*Other : 2%

Population per form
*Bipedals : 83%
*Normal-sized Ferals : 11%
*Human-sized Ferals : 6%


Though the entire country in united by common cultural events, there's a notable difference between the inner lands people and the coastal people.

The County of Povaz is well known to home an active independentist movement, which caused many issues through the history of the nation.


The official language in Selqu is Selqian, spoken natively by about 78% of the population. Then come Povazish (14%), Löthlandic (3%), German (2.4%), Danish (1.2%), English (0.9%) and Madarin (0.3%).

Selqian language is learned by all citizen as a first or a second language. Selqian script is one of the national symbol and pride and is knowledge is hold sacrosanct.






As the country is very snowy, most of the vehicules are tracked or have nailed wheels.


Selqu has a large telecommunication network and the postal service has a minor status.
Like some countries, e-mails are used both on computers and cellphones.


The Selqu Aerospace Projet (SASP) is the one Selqian space agency, mostly state-sponsorized.
Currently the only completed projet of the SASP is the installement of telecommunication satellites, others project being underevaluated by the government and the common citizen.


Land Forces

Maritime Forces

Air Forces






Grand Duchy


  • ~2500 BCE : First traces of non-animal activities
  • ~1500 BCE : Nomadic tribes arrive on the bank of the river Xalaplas
  • ~1000 BCE : The nomadic tribes established themself in Cities
  • ~500 BCE : Cities become Cities-States
  • ~250 BCE : First wars, establishment of 9 Cities-States, dominating the others
  • 786 CE : Regispaitras unifies the 9 cities-states and become the King of Selqu
  • 791-804 CE : Regispaitras annexes the future Regisland
  • 807 CE : Death of Regispaitras, his son Regisrekx succeeds him
  • 1499 CE : Gagitsar becomes King after the murder of his father
  • 1511 CE : June : Great Revolution, hundreds of revolutionaries enter the royal Castel and take the King prisonner
    • October : The Revolutionary Tribunal condemn the King to the defenestration
    • November : The provisionnal government is created, it is responsible for the creation of a Constitution
  • 1512 CE : July : The Constitution is adopted and Firtsap is elected as the first Grand Duke. Beginning of the First Dynasty.
  • 1587 CE : Povazian Revolution : Creation of the Duchy of Povaz as an semi-independent state, with its own Parliament.
  • 1720 CE : Formalization of Povaz's status in the Constitution, it becomes the "County of Povaz".
  • 1762 CE : Election of the new Grand Duke Ligol. End of the First Dynasty and beginning of the Second Dynasty.
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