The nation of Shimandu was once a vibrant center of culture and economics on the edge of the settled lands at the middle of the continent. Shimandu was one of the first nations to join the Furry Federation after its creation, but not long after the nation experienced a number of murders and assassinations that left the government non-functional. This lead to a total collapse of the government, a civil war, and roving bands of rebels, former military, and others whom all wanted a piece of Shimandu, or more.

Shimandu was the first intervention partaken by the Furry Federation for its member nations and set a precedent that in the event of government collapse other federation member nations had the right to enter that nation to restore order. Shimandu was also one of the first Trust Territories of the Furry Federation because of this.

Shimandu is bordered by Shikeishuu, Tinis, Ciata, Genus Liberalis, and Fen Fen.

The population of Shimandu is diverse, but the number of felines has decreased due to many migrating to Ciata.

History of Shimandu

Shimandu was once a region full of small kingdoms and principalities stretching from the feline dominated desert boarder to the canine and lupine dominated regions near the inland sea, and from the northern mountains with its diverse people south the the savanna reaches to the south. Over the centuries various states and groups came to dominate Shimandu, but few were successful. Over a century ago however, with the growing power of Shikeishuu pressing ever closer, a number of the kingdoms, principalities, and now republics, banded together in a loose alliance. The alliance grew stronger and eventually most of the region was united. The exception to this was the prefectures along the coast, which became part of Venerable Prefectures, and Genus Liberalis in the south west corner of the region. Genus Liberalis left the alliance when federalism took over. When the last reigning monarchs died, the entire nation of Shimandu became a federated republic, with each old kingdom becoming a province and an incorporated state.

In more recent years the nation of Shimandu has all but collapsed. After a massive assault action against the ruling government, the nation fell into chaos. With most the leadership dead in both the political and military parts of the government, power quickly reverted to the few governors whom had survived, mid level military leaders, and occasionally crime lords. Some of the governors and military leaders banded together to try to secure the peace but soon found themselves murdered as well. As the conditions in Shimandu declined the neighbors of Shimandu, Tinis and Shikeishuu, pushed for a policing action by the federation. Authorization to enter what was still considered a member nation of the Furry Federation was allowed and Tinis and Shikeishuu forces entered Shimandu. After months of fighting conditions began to improve.

However, this police actions was not without incident. A large force moved on Ciata made up of several rouge groups. The force was halted at the Ciatan boarder by a group of Raja Bora. The survivors of that group joined others whom saw expanding the chaos as beneficial to them and entered Genus Liberalis, where they incited a rebellion. When Ciata began to take in feline refugees, it gave opportunists a chance to slip by both the Raja Bora and the Tinisian forces and enter Ciata. This eventually lead to the Ciatan civil war as well. Also, several nuclear devices were taken during the fighting in Shimandu. One is believed to of been responsible for the destruction of T3h Furry. All but one has since been accounted for.

OOC notes

Shimandu was used as a motivator for much RP and also as one of first nations of the federation has been become an important plot element.

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