Sifisian Stratocracy

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The Sifisian Stratocracy of the Aatuylvan Remnant Raiding Fleet.

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The government of the Stratocracy is a confusing thing. From one perspective, it is a military dictatorship, where a council of warlords make the decisions. From another point of view, a loose confederation of tribes and clans who meet together for trade.
From yet another perspective it is a theocratic meritocracy focused entirely on hoarding wealth and slaves. There is, of note, a kind of caste system in place using the clans of the original descendants of Aatuylva.


Population: Latest Census Reports

Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common):

The peoples that make up the lower castes are varied, from all major cultures, but the Sifisians seem to prefer human, lupine, and vulpine thralls over others. The ruling classes, the Venri and the Revwhonn, are broken up into tribes and clans, and the Cogs and Ryvumaj also have guilds.


The Venri are a curious race that traces its roots significantly before the Fall. They intermingled and interbred with the Accallian peoples, hiding in their populations. Unlike most organisms, the Venri genes are passed on much like a virus. The human grows normally for the first fifty or so years of life, experiencing odd mood swings and bouts of rage, culminating to a second 'growth spurt' and a period (lasting about two weeks) of uncontrollable violence. Should they survive this period, then they will live (with less control over their emotions) for another several hundred years, slowly changing, developing stronger muscles, denser bones, higher synapse activity, until they reach around 300 years of age, where another 'purging rage', as the Venri call it, occurs. This is much worse than the last one, and can often kill the victim outright, their body tearing itself apart as it is forced into another shape. As they learn to better control their violent impulses, they begin to lean towards the arts, learning, absorbing massive amounts of information in a short amount of time. This leads up to the final, and most dangerous, 'purging rage'. At around 500-600 years of life, the Venri in question (Venri because almost all traces of humanity will be gone) goes through several violent convulsions and another growing stage, resulting in the typical Venri: a seven to ten foot tall humanoid with elongated fangs, large, bulky arms, and a malevolent intelligence that makes them highly dangerous.


The caste and species of Revwhonn are the results of forced breeding and horrid experimentation on the survivors of Aatuylva's jungles. Like their wraithwolf ancestors, they generally have sharp claws, tough hides, and sadistic demeanors. For more information, please check Flora and Fauna of Aatuylva


The Ryvumaj are all that is left of the foxes of Majin, the city-state and university of the Technocracy of Ryvuul. They built exoskeletons, bodies of steel and power, for themselves, and took their 'headmaster' with them. It is a marriage of convenience that they work for the Sifisians. They still hold vaguely vulpine forms, and still have their personalities, but they are far from what they once were.


[see Castes]

The Clans

The Venri caste is broken up into several clans who are all responsible for different duties, and even control different areas of space:

Clan Sihda, who are cursed, not having the ability to recreate themselves genetically in their offspring, preventing any kind of 'soul transferrance' as the religion goes on about. The most brilliant of them, the Sihda Clan is the only clan from which Warmasters are chosen. Because of this, they have pledged their services to the whole of the Stratocracy, rather than war with the other clans for territory. Of all the clans, Sihda is seen as the most honorable and trustworthy.

Clan Vahko, who do not go through the final growth spurt, being more lithe than their brethren (as lithe as eight foot tall humanoids can be, anyway) and serve as assassins.

Clan Jishi, the raiders and berserkers, who never leave the final 'purging rage', and have to forever control themselves, or destroy themselves in fire and anger.

Clan Venri themselves, the 'original stock', no known deviations from Venri norms, so big, brutal, brilliant, and near immortal.

Clan Iztarr, a mutated race that has a tail and a bit of a muzzle of all things! They claim to be direct descendants of the race the brought the Venri to Earth, but most just think them mutants.

The Tribes

The Revwhonns as well are broken into several 'tribes', more than likely subspecies, and each one also has different duties.

Among them are the Ui'suenth, who have Grey fur and are more slender, suspected to have descended from the grey foxes near Majiin. Their claws aren't as sharp or long, but are denser. They build tunnels and maintain the passageways. They also are the ones who manage mining operations.

Then are the Ll'utor, who are remarkedly more feline, possibly lynx. Phosphorescent fungi grows in their fur, and they manage hydroponics and fungal bays.

The W'eacha are descended from the Chromi, and inherited their fighting spirit. Stronger than most, they are sent to serve as shocktroopers during raids.

The E'loough'erai are the descendents of Arvorian Panthers, and have heavier builds and denser muscles. They are workers, often seen in the cargo bays or construction areas.

Ai'lupitas Revhwoin is a special tribe, descended from the original wraithwolf stock. They are the strongest of them all, and the only tribe that has broodmothers, serving as the breeders of all the others.

The Dr'obawarga are the wraithwolf/Ai'lupan hybrids that are all that remains of the Ai'lupan citizens. Versatile and strong, they are sent to fill in the gaps of any operation. Also the only tribe that is capable of growing clutchfathers, who are sent to guard important planetoids or hoards (their abilities to hibernate for long periods make it easier as they do not require as much food or air for long periods of time as a full contingent of soldiers.)

The Le'ofan are small and lithe, similar to pumas, but with black fur. They are excellent architects, and usually construct the temples and living areas.

The final tribe, the Xi'aini consists of two sects: multi-colored wraithwolves and smaller Vulpine multicolors. Their claws are not as large, and they use more tricks than any of the houses to confuse and terrorize their enemies. Mostly known for being extremely cunning and sly. The larger sect (wraiths) are usually found tending the more dangerous areas of the gardens, and also maintain the oxygen farms. Members of the smaller sect are prized for their abilities as scouts and infiltators.


The Fall

Not much is known about the Great Cataclysm that ended it all. And the survivors of Aatuylva only know what happened after.
The dark ones, the darker sides of themselves won out in the battle for survival.
When the Cataclysm struck, the Confederacy was split into two groups.
The Confederates, who still wished to serve, fled to former allies, serving as privateers and mercenaries in exchange for ships, food, and habitation.
And the Stratocrats.
These wished to bring about New Cataclysms. Cataclysms with the faces of Aatuylvans.

The Confederates, before their leaving, sabotaged the great rockets of the Stratocrats, so that they would not head to their destinations.
As the Confederates began their hunting-for-hire, the Stratocrats were left to drift in the void of space, feasting upon their own madness, their own darkness, before reaching a large asteroid. It was, at the time, being turned into a mining operation, but the Stratocrats, their evil and patience turning them into great beasts, saw it as their promised land. They seized the mining operation and began converting the asteroid, using the equipment from the miners, and their rockets, into a great ship.

From this ship they would restart their race, even if their plan was lost.

The Rise

The Sifisian Stratocracy worked in the shadows, stealing the mining outposts of small companies, seizing whole asteroids and merging them with their miniature worldship, or creating new ones.
They had built a great base in the asteroid belt, a collection of several asteroids that held their most sacred relics: Trees from the Deep Wood, birthplace of all Sifisians, black pools of a sacred liquid in a grand temple to their god and savior, Sifus, and several animals and organisms from home that were with them in their rockets.

Using stolen and jury-rigged ships, the Sifisians would prey upon the weak, adding to their fleet.
Other times, they would offer their brutal and efficient services to the larger mining companies or factions, their only price being a single asteroid from the buyer's side, and allowing the Sifisians to take the spoils from their prey's ships.

Combined with their own mining efforts, they built a sizable asteroid fleet, as well as several more base asteroid stations in key areas of their control. They eventually grew to be more self sufficient as their forests and fungus farms grew, and hydroponics began to see more widespread utilization. The Sifisians were locked in their lifestyle, however, and would go on raids against their current employer's enemies, seeking pleasure slaves, resources, and new equipment so they could expand into more asteroids.

The many years in space, and the comparably less violent lifestyle (compared to planetside) revealed several unique genome patterns within the Stratocrats.
The Ai'lupan survivors began to change, and mutate, into forms more akin to the Wraithdemons of legend, whereas the human survivors changed into horrible ogre creatures, although their size was not as giant as in legend, space being unkind to those who require more resources. These Venri, as they styled themselves, were fierce fighters, with dreadfully long lives.

Even the other survivors, the other clans and species began to twist and change, proximity to their dark god turning them into creatures more akin to wraithwolves than what they were.

The Ryvuuli who did not join the Confederates began to incorporate more and more technology into themselves, as did the children of Haven, the Cogs, constructs of flesh and metal that were the result of many terrible wars.
Cybernetic organisms they were both slowly becoming, working as engineers and soldiers.

Present Day

Nomads, mercenaries, pirates for hire, the Sifisian Stratocracy continues to plague the less traveled parts of the asteroid belt, preying on the weak and the slow of thought. Working for the highest bidder, and yet also remaining loyal to 'regular customers', they are creatures of nightmares, brought to the void.


1000 BCE Vulpines arrive in Aatuylva. City of Majiin is founded.

730 BCE Lupine tribes take up residence in the areas near present-day Arvor
and Tetra.

624 BCE Human wanderers come from the southern desert. Eventually take up residence at present-day Accallia, building a city.

623-570 BCE First Accallian/Lupine conflict.

550 BCE First Accallian King, Rykor Marre, claims to have a vision from the Gods. Begins to expand kingdom into the lands of current-day Chromi, Haven, and Tantus.

543-209 BCE Kingdom prospers, The Commonwealth of the Ai'lupitar is formed. The Technocracy of Ryvuuli make first contact with both.

187 BCE Healthy trade is going between the three nations.

120-67 BCE First Accallian/Commonwealth war. Majiin remains neutral.

23-18 BCE Stories of a figure called 'Virrakos,' begin to appear. He wandered the lands of Aatuylva, teaching in the council halls. Three Universities were set up in his name in Accallia, Arvor, and Majiin.
The foundations of the confederate government had also taken from some of his teachings. Depicted as leaving on a horse of light, riding into the palace of the Gods.

4-89 CE Second Accallian/Commonwealth war. The Technocracy sides with the Commonwealth.

97-128 CE References to 'great hordes' from the east. All three governments banded together to push them out.

130-240 CE The first true Artificer, Kilar Virn, travels the land, selling his strange inventions. Dies of old age. University of Majiin dedicates itself to his odd craft.

241-364 CE Third Accallian/Commonwealth war. The Ryvuuli aid Accallia. The first major war that was not waged over territory, but instead due to an insult to the Tribal Council.

370 CE Treaty of Haven was signed. An attempt at peaceful cooperation between the nations.

420 CE King Fyor Marre plans invasion of Majiin.

450-489 CE Treaty collapses as a three-front war occurs with all nations fighting the other two. Ends when King Fyor is slain in battle. His son, Arrin, negotiates peace.

505 CE The Accallian church attempts to beat out other religions within its borders. Fails miserably.

540-650 CE More skirmishes and conflicts with neighbors.

703 CE Mastery of War and Diplomacy penned by Iose Sihd.

743-908 CE Age of Invention.

1062 CE Invention of the gun.

1200-1349 CE Last Accallian/Commonwealth war. Culminates in a grand battle where the Maji of the Technocracy, the King of Accallia, and the Alpha Lord of the Commonwealth die in battle.

1400 CE After nearly fifty years of scattered conflicts, the survivors sign a treaty to never again shed the blood of their neighbors.

1540-1690 CE Dissidents and bandits harass the weakened governments, attempting to push them towards war.

1753 CE The Confederacy of Aatuylva is formed.

1767 CE Continued conflicts and bandit raids cause the near collapse of the new Aatuylvan government.

1860 CE The Confederacy of Aatuylva closes its borders to all outsiders.

2010 CE Governor Eric L. Dunsel is appointed. Opens borders with neighbors.

100 BC (Before Cataclysm) Prophesies and signs lead the Council to begin ramping up space programs around Aatuylva.

0 AC (AC stands for After Cataclysm. The exact date CE of the Cataclysm is unknown, but thought to be around 2243 CE)



The Venri. The Warmasters and base-captains. They rule with iron fists and ruthless logic. Serial immortals who pass on their forms to future generations, the Venri were built for war. While it varies from Clan to Clan, they do try to make things run smoothly, although some are quite sadistic.

Savants are the navigators through the Everdark. Savants are chosen from all castes for their special gifts that let them navigate the otherworldly 'gift' from Sifus. Only they can look into it without risking their sanity. Those that accept the 'honor' of this caste are treated much like demi-gods, even more so than the Venri. Those that refuse are 're-indoctrinated' and go through the tests again, to see if their gift was harmed. If not, then they are put to work.

Workers, builders, and caretakers, the Revwhonn are the descendants of the wraithwolves and non-human species of Aatuylva. Almost always seen accompanying a Venri overseer, they care for the gardens, temples, and dig tunnels and do tasks otherwise too dangerous for thralls. Fierce fighters, they also accompany Venri on raids.

The engineers. Almost a cult, rather than a caste, the care of computers and the engines are theirs, save the 'gift of Sifus', the powersource that activates the ftl drive. Unlike the Revwhonn and Venri, who you have to be born into, the Ryvumaj choose from those with technical aptitude, and augment them, melding them into their ranks.

Descendants (or perhaps the very same citizens) of the city-state of Haven, the Cogs are odd cybernetic creatures, once human, but now nothing more than battlesuits, some old with clockwork pieces, others like the Ryvumaj exoskeletons. Nevertheless, no Sifisian ship is complete without a detachment of Cogs. They serve as elite soldiers and security, preventing dreg uprisings.

Thralls are those willing servants of the Sifisians. Non-Venri or Revwhonn that aren't fit for the Ryvumaj or to become a Savant, then this is perhaps the highest one could hope to attain. Thralls are assistants, soldiers (lead by Cogs), and companions to the other castes. Often doing grunt work or being used to entertain a Venri, they are given many privileges above that of dregs, and the lucky ones help the Revwhonn tend the hydroponics or garden areas. Harming thralls has severe penalties, even for Venri, so there aren't many problems. Thralls that endear themselves to a particularly powerful Venri are often brought back via limited cloning, or secure their family's place by his/her side.

Dregs are people who were 'acquired' through various means, up to and including the raiding of ships and stations. Often in cramped living conditions and with only just enough food to survive, they do all the tasks no one else wants to do, under threat of torture. Well-behaved dregs are given more food, and allotted time with their families in one of the garden areas. One could ask why there aren't as many dreg uprisings, since their populations are so high, but it is standard Sifisian policy to lock the good ones (who stay in their rooms) in and let all the bad apples die as the atmosphere of the hallways and corridors is vented into space or other parts of the ship. Dregs who perform exceptionally well are often 're-indoctrinated' and put into the ranks of the thralls. All children of dregs are guaranteed to be raised as thralls, though they can still visit their families if they wish.

Military Composition


List of deities in the Sifisian Cult and their respective aspects.

Major Gods

Sifus-The Night Wolf, Sifbo'Stu, S'fhsl'shrrl, He Who Devours, Raytatilsa, Srruulk, Aifaksumepi, Syra'kujarl, Son of the Dark One Tsalmaveth. Anthropomorphic deity. Counterpart and rival of Kjolan. Also the Accallian god of the underworld. Aspect: Endurance. An ebony wolf with ruby eyes, most depictions blot out the face. Strangely enough, Sifus was also the patron agricultural god of the Ai'lupans. Patron Deity of space travel. Personal deity of the Revwhonn.

Tsuvkaghshtchtn-Anakgh-Vghcha, He Who Watches the Hearts of Stars. Depicted as a crystalline entity. Patron god of innovation, technology, and immortality. Personal deity of the Ryvumaji. His symbol is that of a crystal over a bronze gear. Aspect: Patience. In one depiction, he was said to be a giant crystal matrix, over two stories tall, that lived near the center of the world. His light and power would emanate in waves around him.

Aatumrrcho-The Lady of the Forest, Light of the World, The Living Light. Mother goddess of the Sifisian cult, granter of life, bountiful harvests, and good luck. Aspect: Fertility. Her symbol is that of a simple tree, drawn to encompass the world. No old depictions remain, but a modern re-adaptation simply has a map of the Aatuylvan jungle. Patron deity of the Dark Hunters.

Minor Gods

Kjolan- The Great Hunter. Described as a male figure who relentlessly tracks down foes. Aspect: Tenacity. Often depicted as a faceless humanoid hunter armed with a spear. Most hunters and fishermen pray to him in order to insure a good catch.

Akalan-Patron god of Accallia. Symbols are the axe and the helmet. In the Accallian creation myth, he was originally known as Virrakos, the apprentice of Virros. He stole the art of sword-making, and the secrets of the gods, and gave them to the ancestors of the Accallians. A 'trickster' deity as much as a war god. Aspect: Cunning. His appearance differs depending who you ask, but the defining features are a third eye, an axe in one hand, a book in the other, and a three-pronged helmet.

Chyara-Female deity, depictions show her as a shape-shifter who would strike down those who failed to keep contracts, and is a killer of traitors. Aspect: Honor. Usually depicted as a human woman who wears a mask, holding a daggar.

Virros-God of swordmaking and the oldest of the Accallian Pantheon. Will right any wrong, no matter what. In the stories, this has led him into a rivalry with Akalan. Aspect: Justice. Usually pictured as an ogre of a man with anvil, hammer, and sword.

Ulfante-Sister of Chyara, and fierce fighter. Protects Chyara from all enemies. Extends that protection to allies as well. Aspect: Loyalty. Portrayed as a white dragoness wielding a sword and riding a storm.

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