Speeches of the Anean Star Empire

The Anean Military Reformation

Emperor Welhan addressing the Senate, 7206 HY

"Thank you. Now, to get straight to business.

"We know that we have been at war for the last thirty years. Since the dawn of the Empire, war is all we have known. But we have slipped behind. We hoped for a peaceful entry into space and being able to use our outdated technology for a while. We cannot. We underestimated the dangers in this great black void.

"We all know that the Federation was once our ally. We made a smart choice in that respect. We knew strength when we saw it, but we thought we knew honesty as well. They came to us peacefully and we thought they had good intentions. They might have… at first.

"As they built up their forces and grew in military power, we were sitting around with our thumbs up our ass. We thought we had an endless era of peace, a time of prosperity that we had never known for so long. But that thought was shattered with their invasion.

"They came over those borders with thousands of ships and billions of soldiers. They struck Haroma first and captured me. We know the story since most of us grew up hearing it. How they overran our nation, how they slaughtered our people, how they destroyed our culture.

"But! We have won that war at last! We pushed the Federation out of the Empire and once again our beautiful, though tattered, flag rises over Haroma and our Empire once again. We owe it, mostly in part, to the Remnoran Republic and their selflessness. Without them, I doubt we would have won. But now, again, we stand at a crossroads.

"We can either be the Empire the day before the invasion, thinking that we will live in peace forever and that treaties are unbreakable. Or we can be the Empire that has learned from its mistakes and will honor the sacrifices of the billions that died to give us the freedom that we now enjoy today.

"This bill on the floor today, understandably, has caused huge debates since it was first introduced. It will be costly, financially and possibly socially. However, this is the next step forward for the Empire. This will allow our children and beyond to have a future free from the servitude of the Federation. A future where we dominate this galaxy and the Federation fears us!

"We have, for over seven thousand years, endured hardship, tyranny, destruction, war after war, devastation on a galactic scale, and now we could be pulled apart by civil war. Not only does this bill expand the power of the military it gives us all, me and you all, the ability to wage war effectively. It will create a war machine that we haven't seen since the First World War. An army the PEOPLE can be proud of and respect. An army that the enemy will fear and tremble at the mention of its name!

"This is where we stand today! We stand on a planet soaked with the blood of those that died to defend it! Our blood has been spilled on other planets by the greatest enemy we will ever face! We have suffered billions of losses and now there are some among you that want to back down AGAIN! This bill will usher in a new age for the Empire and I'll be damned if anyone stands in the way of progress!

"We either make our stand now and show the Federation that we cannot be stopped. We cannot be defeated. That we, under any circumstances, will rise from the rubble and forge the Empire once again. If we do not… then I fear that we have already surrendered…"

Result of the Speech

The Anean Military Reformation was passed with a vote of 498-2. Those two Senators that voted against it mysteriously disappeared. From this bill, the Army and Marines were combined into the Anean Ground Force. The Navy and Air Force became the Anean Space Force. In addition to reorganizing the military, it put cutting edge weaponry into the ships and the hands of soldiers. However, it also made the Emperor significantly more powerful and the Empire significantly more military centered.

The Liberation of Haroma

Emperor Welhan to the people of Haroma during Pudrian invasion, 7760 HY

"The Anean Star Empire is no strangers to war. For eight thousand years, we have fought for various reasons. Land, power, wealth, freedom, resources. However, for the second time in one thousand years, Haroma has been lost to one of our greatest enemies.

"We have fought for this galaxy for the last fifty years. We have fought against inhuman… genocidal monsters. We cannot continue this though. The Pudrians have overrun the galaxy and pushed us back again.

"I have watched civilians flee while the soldiers fought. This cannot continue. We are ALL in this fight now. Either we all fight together, or we die. Our Empire has been reduced to our few thousand ships and Haroma. I will not let Haroma fall to these bastards.

"This is where we will make our final stand and say to the Pudrians that it's over! We will not run, we will not surrender, we will not give another inch of this planet to them without making them pay dearly! They wanted a war when they invaded! By the gods, I will give them a war they will not forget! I will make them remember that they are dealing with the Anean Star Empire, not another species to assimilate!

"Haroma is our stepping stone to taking back the whole Empire. They may be able to take down the Federation, but they have never fought as hard as us. They have never fought for every inch of ground like it was their last.

"This is our final stand. Either we win here or we lose it all. There's no surrender, there's no retreat. Winning this will make them reevaluate fighting us. Even if they want peace afterward, we will keep fighting. Why? Because no nation attacks us, conquers us, and gets away with it.

"So now, go and fight! Hold this planet! Give them hell until the last man! Every man, woman, and child will have to fight on this planet and give their lives if necessary! In our darkest hour, fight until the end, and I will guide us through! Keep faithful and courageous and we will not fall."

Result of the Speech

Billions died fighting for Haroma III. However, many more Pudrians were killed. Eventually the Aneans won the battle and the Pudrians were crippled. With what was left of the ASF, the Empire fought their way to Pudr IX and, using planet destroying technology stolen from the Pudrians, destroyed the heart of the Collective and shut them all down. It was another destructive war, but it was the last war Emperor Welhan remained sane through.

The Outbreak of War

Imperator IX to the entire Anean Star Empire, 8000 HY

"Today proved to the Empire that the Federation cannot be trusted. My months of diplomacy, and the Emperor's centuries of diplomacy, have all proven fruitless.

"True, I wanted this war. I wanted it because I knew we would destroy our enemy, conquer the galaxy, and spread the glory of the Anean Star Empire into other galaxies.

"My people, we are standing on the edge of a great change. I expect to have the Federation begging for mercy within the next 5 months. When they surrender and turn their worlds over to us, then I expect the rest of the galaxy to do the same. Billions of stars, billions of planets, and trillions of people will all be flying the Anean Flag. Of course, this will come at a cost. It will probably come at a great cost. However, it is one that I am sure we are all willing to pay for the glory of the Empire and to honor our immortal Emperor.

"What I ask of you all is not easy. I know this. I have fought the Federation before. I have seen the bloodshed, I have seen the death and destruction. But we crushed them many times before, why should this time be different?

"I can assure you that if we do go to war, which I know we will, I will lead the forces in the field personally. The battlefield is where I come from and I will serve on the battlefield where the Empire needs me.

"Today, we are all united under one flag. There is no Remnorans, or Haromians, or Talonians. No. Today, we are all Aneans. Today the AGF and ASF will put aside their rivalries and serve the flag with undying and unquestioning loyalty. Today the Federation will see, for the first time in 700 years what it is like to face the Anean people in a true war!

"My brothers, my sisters this is the day where we crush the Federation and bring forth another Golden Age for the Empire! This is the day where the universe will learn to fear the resolve of the Empire and her people!"

Result of the Speech

Anean forces generally fought harder throughout the Third Federation War. While it accomplished nothing politically (in terms of legislation) it made IX ever more popular with the people.

The Emperor's Coronation Address

Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun to the People of the Empire, 7971 HY

The Second Anean Military Reformation

Emperor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun to the Imperial Senate, 7972 HY

"Moving on to our most pressing issue of the day. The Second Anean Military Reformation.

"Looking back at the last 1000 years, I haven't seen any real military advances. We have been using guns that have been around for millennia, but just made larger. There will come a point where that will do nothing for us but require more expensive powered armor for our soldiers.

"We have built railguns for ships, for fighters, and other things. We have built lasers for ships, and for fighters. However, our ground forces still use outdated, unreliable weaponry. I have seen our people die from their weapon jamming and them unable to defend themselves.

"Before the war we might have had the most powerful military in the galaxy, but now we are looking at a new, unfortunate future. Our current military technology is no match for the nations of the Milky Way. I have gathered that much. Both space and ground forces are too underarmed to deal with an invasion from that galaxy. That is why we must build now to handle all possible threats.

"If we can do this now, we will gain an advantage here in Andromeda and become equals in the Milky Way. Even on Earth, the crown jewel of the Empire, the nations are growing more powerful than us. I cannot risk that.

"We must do away with Welhan's policies toward technology. Even in death, he wants to keep us in a dark age. No sensible nation would allow that kind of restriction. We must shift out government funding from pointless things. Specifically, we must lower salaries for government officials, cut funding toward welfare, and slightly reduce our defense budget. That money must be shifted toward weapons research and development.

"For the first time, I recommend spending as much as we can in order to produce quality weaponry. We must turn our military into a force to be reckoned with. Both in our own homeland and in the Milky Way.

"We are now looking at two possibilities. We might defeat our enemies at home, but we will lose as soon as we start to enter the Milky Way. We might not rebuild the Empire before the people here surpass us. Then we will be defeated. Or we can build up our forces, modernize our forces, make us a force to be reckoned with, and conquer this universe.

"We are Aneans. This universe is our birthright which was maliciously stolen from us. I will not stand for that kind of insult. I will destroy everyone that stands against our power… but we must take things a step at a time. This is the first step to universal domination."

The Empress's Coronation Address

Empress Luca Rio to the People of the Empire, 8071 HY

"I stand before you, people of the Empire, now, not as Grand Matriarch, but now as your Empress. This is an honor that I graciously accept. In the past weeks I have had to work through the Senate and Federal Police to ensure that my ascension went without challenge or military action from Unity. Should that have happened, we'd be at war now. Since it has not, I believe that cooler heads will continue to prevail.

"But here and now I must lay out my plans for this nation. Under Emperor Xaimoungkhoun, we suffered. Not in Andromeda, but in the Milky Way. We have the capability to expand Imperial influence, yet we never used that. Now, as Unity grows ever stronger and their influence expands ever further, we must fight against this tide of socialism that threatens to overtake this universe. If we don't, then we will watch our people turn against us and fall to these outdated forms of government.

"Our late Emperor appeased them, but, as he confided in me, he never trusted them. He always thought that they'd turn against us and start a war on a galactic scale. Now they have shown their true colors. Instead of staying out of the affairs of the Empire, they chose to get involved and, in the process, caused a rift within the Imperial Family. I only stood up and challenged James's claim because I felt that he didn't have the experience. I wanted to ensure that the nation didn't fall apart because James wasn't sure what to do. And now I am forced to condemn the actions of Unity as my first act on the throne as much as I hate to do it.

"Today I have sent out a general order to all Anean forces in the Milky Way. Move to DEFPOS 2 and OFFPOS 3 and await further orders. In the event that Unity's interference in our politics was just a precursor to invasion, then I want to ensure that we are ready. We have the military power to defend ourselves, and I will make it quite clear in the coming days.

"Stay strong my people and I will guide you through this. Should Unity have but a shred of sense left, they will see the error of their ways. If not, then I fear that we could have another galactic war on our hands. This one, however, we will win. Should it come to it, we will crush Unity and secure this universe from their aggression. I don't want to drag the Empire into another war, but I must stand for our interests and security.

"For the news people that want a single line that will be remembered from this, here it is. Unity, cease your aggression or the might of the Empire will be brought upon you. My father might have been reluctant to fight a war, but I am not if it comes to it.

"For my people, may the gods bless our Empire and may they prevent a cataclysmic war from occurring."

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