Tamarynn Rio

Basic Information

Official Title: Anean Minister of Defense
Age: 152
Political Stance: Left Wing

Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 291 pounds
Species: White Wolf
Eye Color: Red

Nationality: Remnoran
Citizenship: The Anean Star Empire

Weapon of Choice: Class B Heavy Assault Rifle
Melee Weapon of Choice: AGF Sword


Born on Remnora X sometime around 5000 HY to a noble family. He was trained from birth to be a soldier. At age 16, he was sent into combat. As with all younger nobles at the time, he fought among the common soldiers. During those wars, he proved himself as an able swordsman and quickly jumped up the ranks. By age 20, he was in command of a small army of 25,000.

When he was 26, his father, then the commander of the army, was killed in a battle and he was sent home to become Governor of his home city. He was a fair governor for the next 9 years. The King was dying and allowed Tamarynn to marry his daughter. That would have made Rio the King.

During his trip to the capital, he was captured by several AGF solders during a raid on a castle. Emperor Welhan, however, wanted to capture him. Roughly a day later, he was recruited into the Legion.




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