The Anean Armed Forces


Warmaster: Vincenzo Soldavini
Commander of the Anean Armed Forces: Omer Arris

Fleet Admiral of the ASF: Klara Rio
Field Marshal of the AGF: Snowfire Xaimoungkhoun (Cross Fox/Human Taur)
Regular Forces of the ASF: 5,000,000,000
Regular Forces of the AGF: 80,000,000,000
National Guard Forces: 2,500,000,000

Total Military Force: 87,500,000,000

Motto: Maintaining the Superiority of the Anean People across the Stars from the Dawn of the Empire Until the End of Days


As with all armies, the Anean Armed Forces has a command structure. Unlike many armies, however, the AAF is very informal when not in the public eye. Officers will be around enlisted soldiers and even the highest generals will speak with the newest privates.

The rank structure and insignias of the AAF are very similar to the ranks in the United States, but only has three regular general or admiral ranks.

Rank System

High Command Ranks
Emperor/Empress ★★★★★★★
Warmaster ★★★★★★
Commander of the AAF ★★★★★
Field Marshal Fleet Admiral ★★★★
General Admiral ★★★
Lt. General Vice Admiral ★★
Brig. General Rear Admiral
Officer Ranks
Colonel Captain
Lt. Colonel Commander
Major Lt. Commander
Captain 1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant Ensign
Chief Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Enlisted Ranks
Sergeant Major of the AGF Master Chief Petty Officer of the ASF
Command Sergeant Major Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer
Sergeant Major Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Sergeant First Class Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer
Gunnery Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class
Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class
Corporal Petty Officer Third Class
Specialist Shipman
Private Shipman Apprentice
Recruit Recruit


Anean Ground Force


  • Hellhounds (Federation, ASE)
  • Andromeda's Liberators (Geminorian, Agebbian)

The Anean Ground Force is the backbone of the Anean Armed Forces. With numbers in the tens of billions, the AGF defends the Empire as a whole and has the numbers to project their power across Andromeda and the Milky Way.

The AGF was formed in the aftermath of the First Federation War, which was nearly the end of the Empire. As Emperor Welhan needed to reunify the systems of the Empire that refused to rejoin. This resulted in the Anean Military Reformation. During the AMR the AGF was modernized and trained to fight interstellar wars.

For the next 700 years the AGF fought in every Anean war and intervention against Federation expansion. Their moment of pride was during the Great Galactic War where, even though billions died, the AGF fought until the end and to the death to protect the nation.

Before the Third Federation War the AGF numbered about 200,000,000 and were among the most elite of the galaxy. Afterward, following the devastation of the AAF at the hands of the Federation, Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I reformed the military by increasing the size of the forces at the cost of the elite training that the military had.

In just 80 years after the end of the Third Federation War, the AGF had reached it's current size of 80,000,000,000 soldiers. Military doctrine hadn't changed, however, instead favoring small groups of soldiers in the tens of thousands during invasions over massive deployments in the millions or tens of millions. Despite less money going to training, the weapons of the AGF only improved over time and still made the AGF a force to be reckoned with.

Anean Space Force

Anean National Guard


  • Weekend Warriors (AGF, ASF)



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