The Anean Government

Basic Information

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital City: Gracaria, Haroma III

Empress: Luca Rio (Ruling as Luca Xaimoungkhoun)
Emperor: Alaric Holmberg
Crown Princess: Klara Rio

High Council Seats: 1,000
Imperial Senate Seats: 500,000

  • Imperialist Party: 150,000
  • Nationalist Party: 125,000
  • Stratocratic Party: 125,000
  • Humanity First Party: 50,000
  • Socialist Party: 25,000
  • Fundamentalist Party: 25,000

Imperial Cabinet:

  • Prime Minister: Joseph McCovery (Human - Haromian)
  • Minister of Defense: Tamarynn Rio (White Wolf)
  • Minister of State:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Selena Welhan (White Tiger)
  • Minister of Domestic Affairs: Annaliese Xaimoungkhoun (Human - Terran)
  • Minister of Agriculture: Reen Fastpaw (Grey Fox Taur)
  • Minister of Commerce:
  • Minister of Health and Welfare: Tisra Vlodovic (Cross Fox)
  • Minister of the Treasury: Nathaniel Cains (Black Wolf - Pudrian)
  • Minister of Justice: Kotone Matsuoka (Black Panther)
  • Chief Justice of the SC:
  • Imperial Grand Inquisitor:
  • Grand Patriarch: Darius Rio (Grey Wolf)


The Federal Government


The High Council

The High Council of the Empire determines the budget of the Empire as well as votes on tax increases. Tasked with keeping the general order of the Empire, it can use a variety of methods. For example, should a nation within the Empire be belligerent in foreign policy, the Council will raise taxes on that nation in order to hopefully force the people to call for foreign policy changes.

Should an Emperor be assassinated, the High Council runs the nation until a heir takes the throne. Should a state of the Empire contest the heir's ascension, the High Council puts the matter to a vote. Should 2/3 of the Council reject the heir, then the Senate selects another potential heir.

Imperial Senate

The Senate is the people's voice in the Empire. Tasked with making domestic laws and, should it be necessary, issuing a declaration of war, the Senate is the most important house. Typically separated among party lines and, recently, national lines, there are fierce debates. Emperor Xaimoungkhoun I encouraged this because it made people think about what they were debating on and not just passing it for the sake of passing it.


The Emperor

The Emperor is the head of the entire Empire. Ruling over no nation in particular, the Emperor is supposed to represent all states of the nation in order to promote unity among the people. Granted absolute power, the Emperor can stop legislation passed by the Senate should the legislation put the nation at risk.

Otherwise, the Emperor is more of a ceremonial position than an actual head of state. Giving an air of royalty to a nation that would be, otherwise, just a republic. In every day tasks, the Emperor is far more like a President.

Emperor's Cabinet

Surrounding the Emperor and advising him on matters of their part of the government, the Cabinet is among the most respected people in the Empire. Typically masters of their field, they are hand chosen by the Emperor in the early weeks of his reign. It is commonplace for a dynasty to retain the same ministers until they die or resign, though this is not always the case.


The Supreme Court

Ministry of Justice

Foreign Policy

Luca's foreign policy, as compared to Emperor Xaimoungkhoun's, is far more aggressive. Having taken the throne through a legitimate coup as the Empire and Unity neared war, and ending the potential of war, she is forced to make hard decisions and ensure that war will not occur. As such, she has dissolved all diplomatic ties with Unity and strengthened the alliance between the Immanence and the Empire.

International Relations


  • The Immanence
  • Federal Principality of Holmbergsvania


  • Sifisian Stratocracy
  • The Andromeda Syndicate


  • Everyone Else


  • Unity


Major Political Parties

Nationalist Party

The Nationalists are the dominant party of the Senate and have a strong hand in any legislation. The Nationalists were formed after Welhan's resignation from the throne and Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun I's rise to the Presidency. The Nationalists are the strongest ally of the Xaimoungkhoun family.

The Nationalists place Anean sovereignty above all else. Most refuse to accept foreign intervention in any Anean affairs, especially political. The extreme nationalist views only extend into the Empire. On a foreign relations level, the Nationalists prefer to associate with nations that don't outwardly pose a threat to the Empire or could be a valuable ally.

Imperialist Party

One of the oldest parties still in the Empire, the Imperialists were the backbone of Welhan's iron fist. At their height they were the only party in the Senate. Now they are just a remnant of what they once were and considered synonymous with authoritarianism. They are strongly against the Xaimoungkhoun family in control of the nation.

The Imperialists are a very imperialist party. They believe that all of Andromeda, not just the ~70% that falls in the Empire's sphere of influence, should belong to the Empire. With Imperial expansion into the Milky Way, many Imperialists have called for the forced takeover of parts of the Milky Way; even going as far as to advocate war against Unity and the Immanence.

Stratocratic Party

Formed after the First Federation War, the Stratocratic party never gained a majority, but also never had lost many seats. Most of the members are former veterans and many have won top medals and awards.

The Stratocrats believe that civilian politicians cannot run the nation properly and that only military leaders in office can lead the nation. As well, they place the military above all else in the Empire since it is the first line of defense against foreign threats. They so far have backed the Xaimoungkhoun Dynasty without question due to military background.

Socialist Party

Formed originally as a counter to Welhan's Imperialists, the socialists have lost much of their former influence and have taken on more extreme views. As IX has said to describe them, "If these socialists ever take over, the Empire will be like Oceania."

The Socialists strongly oppose the Xaimoungkhoun family, as well as the Welhan family.

Humanity First Party

The Humanity First Party is exactly what it is called. These people believe that Haromians, Talonians, and even Terrans are the master race and all others are subservient to them. The HFP is predominately in the Core Worlds. Despite the large anthropomorphic share of the royal family, the HFP backs the Xaimoungkhoun Dynasty.

Unlike most Pro-Remnoran groups, the Humanity First Party doesn't call for the extermination of any Remnorans or other races. They simply believe that the affairs and concerns of humanity should come first in decisions with other races second.

Fundamentalist Party

The Fundamentalists, while they used to be a powerful force, have lost a significant amount of power after Welhan's fall. The Fundamentalists fiercely oppose the Xaimoungkhoun Dynasty and desire a new dynasty that's more adhering to the religion of the Empire.

The Fundamentalists, as the name would say, believe that the religious fundamentals of the Pantheon must be followed to the letter. They advocate the ritual sacrifices called upon by several gods.

Order of Succession for Prime Minister

  1. President of the Senate
  2. Minister of Defense
  3. Minister of State
  4. Warmaster of the Anean Armed Forces
  5. Commander of the Anean Armed Forces
  6. Grand Patriarch/Matriarch
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